Joel Parkinson: he sees light at the end of the tunnel

A magnitude 8.8 earthquake struck off the coast of Chile early Saturday morning, resulting in a tsunami warning for the East Coast of Australia effective today.

Event organizers, coordinating with the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology, were forced to call both the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast presented by Land Rover and the Roxy Pro Gold Coast events for the day, with the potential tsunami projected to hit at 8:15am.

“We’ve been monitoring the situation with chief meteorologists throughout the night and all projections are indicating the effects to hit the Gold Coast at approximately 8:15am,” Rod Brooks, Quiksilver Pro Contest Director, said. “What those effects will be, we cannot be sure. We’ve been advised that the biggest surge could hit anywhere from six to 12 hours after the initial surge, so we’ve called competition off for the day. The event site is closed for the day, and we’ll check back tomorrow at 6:30am.”

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Hawaiian coast

The Hawaiian coastal areas are being evacuated as alarm sirens are sounding in the several islands.

Authorities speak of a dangerous situation, as a tsunami might hit Hawaii in the aftermath of the Chilean earthquake.

The most vulnerable spots are Hilo Bay on Hawaii Island and Kahului Harbor in Maui.

Check the Wave Height Forecast for the Hawaiian Islands.

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Todos Santos Big Wave Event: it's time, boys

The Todos Santos Big Wave Event is on.

Contest Director Gary Linden made the call this morning after checking out the latest report and consulting with Surfers Representative Greg Long.

Sunday looks like an epic day out at Killers, with a swell at 18 to 20 feet with the winds seeming to calm down.