Glentana Bay 

A 25-year-old surfer has died after suffering a shark attack, in Glentana Bay, South Africa.

Gerhard van Zyl had his right lower leg bitten off and could not recover after a severe blood loss.

A friend pulled him out of the water and even tied a tourniquet in the leg.

Ambulance and paramedics came after and he was airlifted to hospital in critical condition.

Unfortunately, van Zyl could not recover and loss life soon after.

This is the first life lost in Glentana Bay, due to a shark attack.

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The Drifter 

Saturday August 22 during the jury of International Surf Film Festival Ombak Bali 2009 selected the new Taylor Steele film ‘the Drifter’ as best surf film 2009 out of the ten films which were in competition.

‘The Drifter’ tells the story of world-famous surfing icon Rob Machado travelling through Indonesia to escape the entanglements of his life at home. As he wanders further and further into the outskirts of the South East Asian surf paradise, he’s pursued by the fact that you can’t escape from yourself.

The jury consisting of profesional surf photographer Mick Curley, surf film maker Renny Bee Febriani and former Rip Curl marketing manager South East Asia Clemens Berger were unanimous in their decision.

Quote from the jury:

“It is a great portrayal and artistic way of showing Indonesia and all its subtleties which makes it so unique. It is also an inspirational film and which makes you want to throw out your phone and go travel and explore.”

‘The Drifter’ encapsulates the true essence of adventure and soul searching which is something every surfer can relate to and wants to find. People that don’t surf will also enjoy this film immensely as it showcases Indonesia, tells a serious story of Rob Machado’s life with a great mix of humor thrown in to make this film one not to be missed and a joy to watch.”

The only independent surf film festival in South East Asia, Ombak Bali is a platform where national and international surf filmmakers can expose their films to an interested public. Surf cinema has taken a leap over the last couple of years with surf filmmakers exploring the documentary world and film makers exploring the surf world.

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2009 ASP World Tour 

A cross-section of the ASP’s principle stakeholders convened two weeks ago on Australia’s Gold Coast for a two-day summit, dubbed “Rabbit Camp 2009” (after former ASP President Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew’s annual strategy sessions), where the group of event licensees, surfer representatives and ASP administrators collaborated in a discussion of several key issues regarding the future of the sport.

“It was fantastic to get such a diverse group of people together to push through some major initiatives that we’ve been working towards for the past 18 months,” Brodie Carr, ASP International CEO, said. “The input from the athletes and events was excellent, and while the confirmation process won’t be final until the ASP Board meeting this October, I can assure you that some exciting enhancements could be initiated as soon as next season.”

On top of the list for changes is a move towards a more unified one-world ranking tem that will combine both the ASP World Tour and ASP World Qualifying Series (WQS) rankings. This will, in effect, allow for top performers on the ASP WQS to be advanced onto ASP World Tour events as the season progresses as opposed to the end of the year (as it currently does). The one-world ranking added to a review of possible changes on the ASP World Tour all geared at rendering the most exciting product possible for audiences to watch the world’s best surfers in the world’s best waves.

In addition to the progressive changes being made in the structuring of the ASP World Tour, a substantial increase in prize purse from the current US$340,000 at each ASP World Tour event as well as collective purse awarded to the year-end ASP World Champion will be instituted, further sweetening the pot for the world’s best surfers as they continue to break performance boundaries.

“The discussions held last week were positive and opened up the possibility for potential changes to be made down the track,” Kieren Perrow, current ASP surfers’ representative said. “The next step will be for Mick (Fanning) and myself to take the group’s notes back to the surfers, both ASP World Tour and ASP WQS, in the coming weeks to gauge response and work out what is in the best interest to the sport.”, homepage of the ASP World Tour, will be further be utilized as the ultimate source of information regarding professional surfing, with group members decreeing that the site will be the primary hub of all ASP-sanctioned webs and that endeavors to bring the ASP’s global audience consistent, uniform productions will be intensified.

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