Mavericks Surf Contest 2009 

Mavericks Surf Ventures, Inc. (Mavericks) today announced that The 2009 Mavericks Surf Contest® invitees will compete for $150,000 - the largest known prize purse in big-wave surfing competition history.  Moose Guen and Jane Sutherland of MVision personally contributed $75,000 last month, and new Mavericks partner Barracuda Networks Inc. has just doubled the prize.

The event will take place on 24 hours notice, only when Mother Nature delivers favorable weather and contest-worthy swell reaching heights of 25-30 feet anytime between January 1 and March 31, 2009. When Contest Director Jeff Clark gives the Contest green light, fans can experience “the world’s most dangerous wave” and all the jaw-dropping action from the comfort and convenience of their computers.

Beginning at 8 a.m. (PST) on Contest day, the free, live webcast will feature all the epic big-wave surfing action, live interviews with the surfers, up-to-the-minute heat results and the awards ceremony.

“Jane and I are very happy for Mavericks and the Contest surfers with Barracuda Networks’ decision to double the prize purse,” commented Moose Guen.  “This historic moment serves to recognize the bravado, the skills, and the talent of these big-wave surfers in such extreme conditions. As I like to say, ‘Let us defy the odds in 2009!’”  

“Barracuda Networks is thrilled to take part in this globally-recognized competition,” said Dean Drako, president and CEO of Barracuda Networks. 

“The Mavericks phenomenon embodies the idea that with great risk comes great reward and it is that philosophy that continues to stoke the entrepreneurial fires Barracuda Networks was founded upon.”

“We’re humbled by the support of Moose, Jane and now Barracuda Networks,” added Mavericks CEO Keir J. Beadling. 

“Now we have a prize purse that begins to acknowledge what goes down out there at Mavericks, and we can all look forward to an amazing show of athleticism on Contest Day this season.”

Viewing Options: Mavericks this season announced three groundbreaking partnerships that will deliver unprecedented opportunities for Mavericks fans all over the world to experience The 2009 Mavericks Surf Contest®. 


Pe'ahi 2009

The Association of Professional Towsurfers (APT) is proud to announce that the holding period for the Mormaii Pe’ahi World Cup Tow-In Surfing Championship has begun and will run thru March 31, 2008.

This will be the last scheduled event of the 2008/2009 tour series and APT will crown its second annual World Champion tow-in surfing team.  Makua Rothman and Ikaika Kalama of Oahu, Hawaii are the current 2007/2008 World Title Champions and they’ll be competing once again in hopes of another title.

The Mormaii Pe'ahi World Cup Tow-In Championship will be covered from the land, air and sea for a High Definition Live Event production.  Big Vision Studios, Inc. has partnered with the APT to deliver a turnkey High-Definition Live Event production, media and digital marketing services. With award winning crews, the largest High-Definition equipment rental service in Las Vegas and a state of the art stage and studio in Burbank, California. Big Vision Studios, Inc. is uniquely suited to deliver multi-media services to the APT.

International competitors from Ireland, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Hawaii, California and Mexico, will be given a 48 hour notice to make it to the world’s most famous tow-in wave on the North Shore of Maui called Pe’ahi, known as aka: JAWS.

“We will have the most exciting and successful tow-in event the world has ever seen. We have very talented and experienced competitors and they’re ready for Pe’ahi, the most powerful wave mother nature can offer. Put the two together and watch what happens!”- Says, Rodney Kilborn APT’s Vice President and Event Director. 

Currently the event organizers are watching a very large storm system that could potentially deliver wave heights in the 18’-20’ Hawaiian scale by the 15th.
Sean Collins and Kevin Wallis of are the official APT World Tour forecasters and they are keeping a very close watch on it at this time.

The invitees will compete for a $50,000 purse prize broken down as follows: 1st Place $20,000 – 2nd Place $10,000- 3rd Place $6,000 – 4th Place $4,000 – 5th- 24th Place each team to receive $500.


2009 Mavericks Surf Contest

The 2009 Mavericks Surf Contest® waiting period has begun. On Tuesday, more than two-dozen of the best big-wave surfers from around the world, along with their families, friends and media, assembled on the beach at Pillar Point to celebrate the opening of the new 2009 Contest season. The only big-wave paddle-in contest on the mainland, Mavericks has a waiting period from January 1, 2009 to March 31, 2009. During this window, the 24 invited surfers will be waiting for the “perfect storm” to produce waves 30-40 feet high and for Contest Director Jeff Clark to give the green light for the event.

The opening ceremonies began in true Mavericks tradition with the annual photo shoot of the invitees and alternates lining the beach with their big-wave “guns” behind them.  Clark gave a short address acknowledging the skill, commitment and courage that each of the watermen standing in front of him possess, and savored the moment: “We have to be the luckiest people in the world to do what we do in such a wonderful place,” Clark remarked.  “Mavericks puts everyone to the test; remember how precious time is on this earth.”

Clark then introduced each of the surfers to the enthusiastic crowd, one-by-one, highlighting their contribution to the Contest and to the sport of big-wave surfing. This year’s Contest includes invitees from Brazil, Hawaii, South Africa and the mainland United States. All then paddled out towards Mavericks to join hands and form a traditional circle to honor the new big-wave season at Mavericks. Clark personally thanked the surfers for being a part of this year’s event, reflected on the bond they all share with each other, their respect for Mother Nature, and prayed for a successful and safe event.

The ceremonies continued into the evening with a reception at Sam’s Chowder House where the surfers and their friends and families gathered for food, fun and the highly anticipated heat drawings.  The evening felt like a family reunion as guests brought their children, talked about their surfing plans for the future and shared their individual experiences with the massive surf that has swept through California already this big-wave season.  Guests enjoyed Sierra Nevada on tap, and were treated throughout the night to the sounds of local surf band extraordinaire The Wander Inn’s.  Each competitor also received a limited edition Mavericks/Jim Beam® gift bottle.