Swiss Surfing Week

The Swiss Surfing Association in collaboration with is excited to announce the first ever Swiss surfing week. It is thought as a low priced possibility for landlocked Swiss surfers of all abilities to be at the ocean and have a good time in a relaxed environment.

The Swiss Surfing Week will take place from the 22nd to the 28th of September in Vieux Bouceau on the Atlantic coast in France. The Quiksilver Pro surfing contest in Hossegor which is at the same time and the best swell period of the year makes this stretch of coast the Mecca of European surfers for a couple of weeks.

All details concerning registration, arrival, lodging, prices and so on will be soon published on our website. Spots are limited and first come first serve so don’t miss it.


Leigh Sedley 

The Arrive alive Central Coast Pro saw the crowning of a new champion, as Leigh Sedley (Sunshine Coast, QLD) defeated Shaun Gossmann (Gold Coast, QLD) in the hotly contested Men’s Final. Sedley defeated Gossmann 13.34 to 12.77 to claim his maiden World Qualifying Series (WQS) win of his career – one which was made even sweeter with the US$10,000 prize purse.

Sedley, who had been one of the most consistent surfers throughout the event, used superior wave selection, patience and a blistering backhand arsenal to eventually outpoint Gossmann. “I’m so stoked with the result, it’s a perfect start to the year for me,” he said. “I had to wait 22 minutes for a decent scoring wave, but I knew that when it came I could get the scores I needed.”

Seemingly at the cross roads of his young career, Sedley was determined to do well this year – starting with the Arrive alive Central Coast Pro. “I had a pretty ordinary year last year, but managed to salvage it towards the end with some good results,” Sedley said.


Christian Surfers 

“The world is becoming fragmented into tribal groups in response to globalization. Modern mission strategists identify these new tribal groups as key to the future. Surfers are one of the world’s clearly defined global tribes and growing in every continent.

With over 120 surfable nations and 50 member nations to the ISA, Christian Surfers has ministry in 20 of these. There is still a vast pioneering mission ahead of us. We must remain true to the tribe God has called us to. If not you, who else will reach them? You are invited to come join the global family of CSI for our `True to the Tribe’ 8th International Conference.” Brett Davis

“We are so looking forward to the family of Christian Surfers gathering on our shores so we can celebrate and encourage each other to continue with this great call - to love God and reach the tribe of surfers along the wave of life. J-Bay is a beautiful place for many reasons, not least ’ Supertubes, and a world crossroads of surfing. I pray that you will feel God quicken your heart for this mission, and will share a 6 second barrel with you. God Bless!” - Roy Harley.