Surfboard volume: there's an optimal ratio for all surfers | Photo: EthnoScape

The concept of surfboard volume is increasingly popular, although it has been used in windsurfing for a long time. Buoyancy is, in fact, a critical factor when it comes paddling and gliding.

For several decades, shapers wrote three main specs on the back of their surfboards. They were length, width and thickness. Volume, in liters, was never there.

Recently, former pro surfer John Whitney Guild proposed the inclusion of the volume ratio to rider weight in our surfboard knowledge, so that surfers could easily choose the best surfboard for themselves.


Filipe Toledo: he pulls airs in ankle-high waves | Photo: Michael Lallande/US Open of Surfing

Filipe Toledo has won the 2014 Vans US Open of Surfing, at Huntington Beach Pier, in California.

In an all-Brazilian final, Filipe Toledo and Willian Cardoso wriote history for their country in the sands of Huntington Beach, Surf City USA.

Brazilians are steadily taking control of the world's best waves and, at the same time, it's quite clear that the new school generation is taking control of pro surfing.


Elishama Beckford: double victory at the 2014 Makka Pro | Photo: Sean Murray Photography

Elishama Beckford has stormed the 2014 Makka Pro, in Yallahs, Jamaica, by winning the Open and Junior trophies in front of hundreds of surfing enthusiasts.

With a low pressure in the central Caribbean pumping five-to-eight foot waves over Jamaica's southeast coast, Makka Beach had it all.

In the Junior final, Elishama, Nick Pryce, Ivah Wilmot, and Ronald Hastings had 30 minutes to show off. A total of 34 waves were surfed, with multiple exciting exchanges. Beckford would prevail, with Nick in second, Ivah in third, and Ronald in fourth.