Manoa Drollet: too easy for a Tahitian

Big wave charger Manoa Drollet claimed the Shortboard division of The Ultimate Waterman 2015, held in perfect two-meter barreling waves at an isolated beach in the northern Coromandel, New Zealand.

Eight surfers got the most out of Cyclone Pam in a two-hour heat. The Tahitian only needed 30 minutes to score a 9.00 point ride for a perfect right-hand tube. Later, and with an extra 8.5 wave, Drollet stole the competition.

"I had a great day out there; I am just stoked to win a division. The barrels today were so fun, and all the guys got some great waves. I am just happy to be here in New Zealand with all the guys, thanks for having me," expressed Drollet.

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Lucca Novaro: Peruvian style | Photo: Ferguson/WSL

Lucca Mesinas Novaro and Tia Blanco have conquered the 2015 Ron Jon Vans Junior Pro, at Shepard Park, Cocoa Beach, Florida.

The Peruvian regular-foot pulled out a last minute ride to defeat Kano Igarashi in Junior Men's final. With less than two minutes remaining, Novaro needed an 8.83 wave, and he managed to get a 9.17 pointer to steal the event.

"Right now I am super stoked. This is the second Junior Pro that I have won in my career, but the first for me in North America. I was saying to god to give me one more opportunity to try to get the score. I was super nervous that maybe I wouldn't get the wave, but it came, and I'm so happy to get this win," revealed Lucca Novaro.

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Headache: duck diving in cold waters is a nightmare

Surfing in Northern Europe can be a "Headache." Literally.

Felix Gänsicke, the filmmaker behind "Headache", lives surrounded by cold temperatures, in and out of the water. When he traveled to Iceland, Schottland, Denmark and in Germany, he knew he would only find adversities.

But he is proud of what he considers to be "the first German cold water surf movie." The stakes are high, but the trailer is good enough. The colors, the angles and the waves have been carefully chosen.

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