Yadin Nicol: CT surfer with Prime status | Photo: ASP/Damien Poullenot

Jesse Mendes, Ricardo Christie, Joan Duru and Yadin Nicol are in the semifinals of the SATA Azores Pro 2014.

The final four heats of the Round of 16 were completed before moving into the quarterfinals to decide the last four men standing.

Mendes, with a solid 8.00 point ride under the belt and less than five minutes on the clock, applied pressure on Leonardo Fioravanti, utilizing his priority advantage to keep him off the good sets, ultimately giving him the win and a spot in semifinal.


Covelong Point: hundreds of opportunities for getting barreled | Photo: Red Bull

The second annual Covelong Point Surf Festival will navigate the Indian shores near Chennai, Tamil Nadu, between September 12th-14th.

The number of surfers in India, the most populous democracy in the world, is growing fast. The country's first surfing village, the district of Covelong (Chennai) is attracting more and more surf tourists.

That is why the Surfing Federation of India is expanding the Covelong Point Surf Festival with a national level surf competition, surf workshops, a music festival, yoga and meditation classes, various beach side activities and celebrity guest appearances.


Malibu's First Point: thank you Hurricane Marie

The fourteenth named storm of the 2014 Pacific hurricane season brought one of the finest swells of the 21st century to the shores of Southern California.

Malibu's First Point was fired up. If you're a local surfer, and you've missed the swell, then we shouldn't watch the video below. Head high lines invaded the iconic line-up, pinched by standard wipeouts.

The downside was that there were too many surfers out the back. When you've got five riders taking on the same wave, the chances of getting into trouble are higher. So, if you get mad when someone drops in, then Malibu's First Point during Hurricane Marie was not for you.