Michael Scott Moore: nearly three years in the hands of an armed militia

Surf journalist Michael Scott Moore has been freed in Somalia after being abducted for nearly three years by an armed militia in Somalia.

The author of "Sweetness and Blood: How Surfing Spread from Hawaii and California to the Rest of the World, with Some Unexpected Results" is in good health, despite living 33 months in the hands of pirates.

Moore, 45, has already traveled to Mogadishu, capital of Somalia, and local authorities confirmed he was "overjoyed to be free", and in good physical and psychological condition.


22nd Jesus Surf Classic: wall ahead | Photo: Surfing GB

Five young surfers have been crowned winners of the 22nd Jesus Surf Classic, part one, held in Croyde, United Kingdom.

The weather and swell conditions forced organisers of the Jesus Surf Classic 2014 to run the event in two different dates, delaying the Men's Open, Masters and Boys Under 18 events until 11th October.

Seventy surfers battled for glory in five divisions in memory of former Christian Surfers and skateboarder leader Phil Pechonis.


Surfing beginners: learn the basic tricks and skills before catching your first wave | Photo: SAC Ashley Shelley

Do you want to learn how to surf? Are you teaching a family member or friend to catch waves for the first time? Learn some basic tips for novice surfers.

Let's get it started. Surfing is not easy, but is far from being a complicated sport. You can easily learn how to become a surfer in a matter of days. The most common mistakes with beginners are related to paddling, standing up, choosing waves, duck diving, priorities and positioning feet on the surfboard.

That is why surf etiquette is a must-read document. Reading introductory books and watching videos is a good advice too, if you're about to hit the surf for the first time. After all, you're telling your brain what should be done. In other words, visualize your future steps.