Carlos Munoz: Costa Rica celebrates a golden smile

Carlos Munoz, the first ever Costa Rican surfer to compete in a Dream Tour event, won his Round 1 heat of the 2014 Hurley Pro at Trestles, in California.

The Central American surfer took off on a last-minute effort to send Gabriel Medina and Adam Melling into the repechage round. With 15 seconds to go, Munoz shows his power surfing skills to claim a decisive 7.73-point ride.

"I can't believe how everything happened. I got this chance; I prepared myself mentally. I heard everybody screaming and I knew I needed a score. I gave my heart to that last one, so I'm glad the judges liked it. I can't believe it. When I heard the score, I started crying," says Carlos Munoz.


Laird Hamilton: Hollywood's Teahupoo master

The Hollywood rules have prevailed at Teahupoo. The entertainment industry has closed the most famous Tahitian surf spot to film the "Point Break" sequel.

They want the largest swell and the world's best big wave surfers. Brian Keaulana is taking charge of the water safety issues, and Laird Hamilton is the leading stuntman in a place he knows very well.

Lights, camera, action. "Point Break," version 2.0, is up and running. Hollywood professionals have invaded the End of the Road to capture 18-25 foot wave faces. The film industry wants Teahupoo at its best.


Wipeout: learn how to prepare for the worse | Photo: Quiksilver/Cazenave

Big wave wipeouts are no joke, and can be very destructive; causing physical - and psychological - injury or death. Even the best guys get axed. Surviving a monster wipeout is really about three things: water competence, awareness, and quick-thinking adaptability.

Water competence is a key to survival. It's no secret that the surfers who stand the best chance of getting through a huge wipeout are ones who are strong in all types of water situations.

Spend time out there not surfing as often as you can. Strong swimming and improved diving skills help develop better lung capacity and confidence under the waves. Leave your board in the sand and get acquainted with extreme wave conditions.