Brad Gerlach and Martin Potter: fists were purposely hidden | Photo: ASP

In 1991, Brad Gerlach and Martin Potter had a famous altercation during a tense heat in Japan. More than two decades later both surfers competed against each other at Lower Trestles.

Twenty-three years ago, Potter punctured Gerr's favorite surfboard and put an end to the Floridian's world title hopes. Brad finished the 1991 ASP World Tour runner-up, right behind Damian Hardman.

"Heat starts, I'm kind of leading, he's got priority. A wave comes through, and he ends up letting it go. So I turned around and went and ended up blitzing the wave all the way to the beach," explains Potter.


John Severson: smile, you're founding surf culture

"John Severson's Surf" is a must-have surf book. The man who founded Surfer Magazine in 1960 has released an impressive curated collection of photos, cartoon sketches and short articles that reveal the birth of the surfing culture.

Waves and stunts are not enough to describe the history of surfing. John Severson was born in Los Angeles, back in 1933. In the first two decades of his life, painting and drawing played a significant role in his daily routine.

In 1958, while in the Army, he started surfing big waves and entered the surf film business with "Surf," "Surf Safari," "Surf Fever," "Big Wednesday" and "Pacific Vibrations."


Kelly Slater: from surf leashes to headphones

Is Kelly Slater ready to be the next global pop star? The surfer from Florida has released "Feelin' The Feelings," a song that will break the heart of his female fans.

We knew that Kelly Slater enjoyed playing the guitar. In the last two decades, he made friends in the pop-rock music scene - Eddie Vedder, Jack Johnson, Jimmy Buffett, and Angus Stone are only a few examples. Once in a while, Slater also joins random jam sessions all over the world.

But lately the world surfing champion seems to be taking music seriously. With an open account on Youtube/VEVO and iTunes, Slater is ready for new stages and indoor applause.