EpoxyCore by DHD: Mick Fanning loves it | Photo: DHD

DHD has announced the launch of a surfboard that combines the best characteristics of epoxy with traditional fiberglass.

Darren Handley named it "EpoxyCore." The Australian surfboard manufacturer believes his brand has shaped the ultimate game changer. The mother of all boards. For some, it's just another marketing stunt; for others, it's an extraordinary plank.

"With superior weight distribution designed to eliminate speed "chatter," improve rail performance and introduce more flex to the bottom of half of the board. The weighted rails allow you to bury the rail and provides the necessary control to complete desired maneuvers," explains Handley.

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Todos Santos: the Mexican liquid avalanche | Photo: WSL

The 2016 Todos Santos Challenge has green light. The Mexican competition gets underway on Sunday, January 17th.

The organization believes that the third event of the 2015/2016 Big Wave Tour will get underway with a projected 30-foot-plus swell and favorable winds. Twenty-four athletes are now traveling to Baja California.

"Having ran events in Chile and Maui so far, the Big Wave Tour has already produced exceptional moments. We're looking forward to more fireworks come Sunday in Mexico," says Peter Mel, Big Wave Commissioner at World Surf League.

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The Surf Pub Quiz: 40 questions to test your surfing knowledge | Photo: DepositPhotos/Iakov

Pub quizzes are increasingly popular across the globe. SurferToday designed the ultimate surf pub quiz for the flat days. Play it with your friends and family, at home or in your local pub and bar.

History facts, relevant dates, timeless surf contests, legendary heats, myths, iconic wave riders, surf spots, and major accomplishments. Do you think you know everything about surfing? Submit your knowledge to the test. And have fun while enjoying your favorite drink.

SurferToday developed a smart surf pub quiz for your non-surfing days, and for those cold Saturday nights. The game will require a minimum of three people - the quiz master, and two contestants - and it can be played by teams and groups of surfers.

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