RiF010: a 1.5-meter wave in the heart of Rotterdam

Rotterdam will debut RiF010, an artificial river wave located in the heart of the city's shopping center, in the Netherlands.

Dutch surfers have reasons to celebrate. Rotterdam, home to the largest port in Europe, is preparing a 1.5-meter wave in Steigersgracht, a local canal that is part of the river Rotte.

In May 2015, a barreling wave will break in clean water, allowing surfers, bodyboarders, stand up paddleboarders and kayakers a 14-second ride. Unlike the Eisbach river wave in Munich, the Rotterdam wave will be similar to the ocean wave, not a static one.


Carlos Munoz: he has fans everywhere

Carlos Munoz has earned a spot in the Hurley Pro at Trestles 2014, after winning the Video Trials.

The surfer from Costa Rica gathered more 10,000 votes than Dusty Payne. A panel of judges narrowed over 100 global submissions down to a 16-surfer bracket.

Surf fans made their final picks, and Munoz defeated Payne 14,927 votes to 3,268. Munoz becomes the first Costa Rican to participate in a World Championship Tour event.


FCS II Neo Glass: very 1980s

FCS has announced the release of Neo Glass, a new fibreglass fin.

The FCS II Neo Glass fins are manufactured using 50% long strand milled fiberglass and the highest grade industrial nylon available.

The surf fin company says the material is light and stiff, which allows you to push hard against your fins and control your turns, even in the most critical of situations.