Triangulation in surfing: find a tree, face the beach and find landmarks | Still: The Bird

Waves, tides, winds, ocean floors and currents. In surfing, the game of natural variables in always changing. Learn how to triangulation will improve your surfing and the waves you catch.

Triangulation is the art of positioning in the line-up. Mastering triangulation is knowing where and when to be in your local break, or in any other spot in the world.

Lining up is basically picking the best take-off spot. Triangulation is a shifting game of adjustment to the wave's main peak. In other words, there's you, and then two other reference points.


Outerknown: Kelly Slater monitors the production of his eco-friendly surf wear

Kelly Slater has debuted the official website of his Outerknown surf brand.

It's on. Kelly Slater's own surf brand is online. "This is a clean slate," it can be read at The new business adventure has seen the light of day.

"The name Outerknown references the furthest reaches of our knowledge today. As designers, it challenges us to build better, more sustainable products," the surf company explains in its opening web page.


Perfect Malibu: a surfing dream | Photo: Lippman

Team Firewire has conquered the SurfAid Cup Malibu 2014, in four foot waves at the iconic Californian point break. The 12 teams raised more than $127,000 for SurfAid.

Mark Price, Taylor Jensen, Johnny Noris, Noah Erikson and their pro surfer Mike McCabe had a memorable day of surfing in Malibu, which included a Perfect 10-point ride.

"Our heartfelt thanks to SurfAid for making that possible but, more importantly, their incredible commitment to saving lives in Indonesia is both humbling and inspirational, and we are all stoked on the modest contribution we made towards their ongoing efforts," said Price.