Perfect Malibu: a surfing dream | Photo: Lippman

Team Firewire has conquered the SurfAid Cup Malibu 2014, in four foot waves at the iconic Californian point break. The 12 teams raised more than $127,000 for SurfAid.

Mark Price, Taylor Jensen, Johnny Noris, Noah Erikson and their pro surfer Mike McCabe had a memorable day of surfing in Malibu, which included a Perfect 10-point ride.

"Our heartfelt thanks to SurfAid for making that possible but, more importantly, their incredible commitment to saving lives in Indonesia is both humbling and inspirational, and we are all stoked on the modest contribution we made towards their ongoing efforts," said Price.


Stand up paddleboarding: don't be a wave hog | Photo: Creative Commons/Byron Yap

Stand up paddleboarding is not always welcome in the line-up. There are many reasons behind this suspicious attitude towards SUP fans and their gear.

Stand up paddleboards are weapons, especially the rigid models. If shortboards can seriously hurt someone, a ten-foot SUP ship may quickly kill if it hits someone in the head. That is why inflatable SUPs have been gaining supporters.

SUP enthusiasts are compelled to respect the basic rules of surf etiquette, but they should also know that special guidelines apply to their sport.


Mick Fanning: applying his brakes at Lowers | Photo: ASP/Kirstin

The world's best surfers will ride Southern California's favorite wave between 9th-20th September. The 2014 Hurley Pro at Trestles returns to San Clemente.

Surfers call it a "surf sanctuary." Trestles offers consistent, world-class waves at multiple breaks. The peak allows you to test and train your arsenal of tricks and maneuvers, from full roundhouse cutbacks to a wide variety of airs.

The contest site is located at Lowers, the most hollow of the area's breaks, although there are multiple high-quality options within walking distance - "Cottons," "Uppers," "Middles" and "Church" are some of the pristine examples.