Andrea Diaz: a Costa Rican surfing champion | Photo: Witch’s Rock Surf Camp

Andrea Diaz, a pioneer female surfer in South America, will lead a surfing program exclusively designed for women.

Dias is one of the most successful female surfers in Latin America. She started as a competitive swimmer, but it was in surfing that Andrea showed all her talent.

The surfer from San Jose, in Costa Rica, is putting up surf retreats in a tropical surf spot. The surfing experience includes fitness instructions, yoga classes, healthy lifestyle tips, and wave riding lessons.

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Tavarua: a surfing board game for up to six players

Roll the dice, and discover one of the world's best surfing board games of all time. Designed for surfers and by surfers.

Cody Miller wanted to make a game that felt like you were surfing with your friends. But it had to be something everyone would enjoy playing. And "Tavarua," the tabletop surfing game was born.

"I love that in 'Tavarua', you have a basic tiny ocean simulation on your table. You got the shore where everybody starts, you paddle out, and all the while waves are advancing. So you're watching for the waves come in, and you have to beat another player to catch the wave and ride it," explains Miller, founder of Far Off Games.

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Surf pool: the future of surfing outside the ocean | Photo: Surf Park Summit

The second edition of the Surf Park Summit will take place at the Surf Expo, in Orlando, on September 7th, 2016.

The event is organized by Surf Park Central and the Center for Surf Research and aims at discussing the future of surfing outside the ocean.

"Success for us means two things: first, multiple surf parks are funded and developed as a result of the connections made at the event. Second, we want current developers, investors, operators and suppliers to be able to make the best possible decisions because of the knowledge, information and insights that are presented and contacts made during the Summit," explains John Luff, founder of Surf Park Central.

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