Iceland: surf is everywhere | Still: No Country For Cold Men

Three souls from different wave riding families have spent ten days chasing Iceland's most notorious surf spots.

Ryan Mattick wrote, filmed and directed the cold water surf movie. Surfer Garrett Parkes, bodyboarder James Kates, and kneeboarder Chayne Simpson traveled to one of the most remote Nordic countries in search of frozen gems.

Iceland can be a solitary experience, even if you're traveling with a group of enthusiastic explorers. Nature invites you to yourself; the temperature, the prevailing white, and the grand mountains induce introspection.

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Hawaiian flag: the British and American legacy in red, blue and white | Photo: Rommel/ISA

Hawaiian surfers are proud of their flag. Whenever they win a surf contest, they raise and wave the red, blue and white streamer. Let's unveil the secrets of the Hawaiian flag.

Politically, and in the past couple of centuries, the Hawaiian Islands have been a kingdom, a protectorate, a republic, and a state. As a result, several flags have been unfurled.

For many people, it is still intriguing to see a Hawaiian banner with British and American symbols. So, why is the Union Jack on the Hawaiian flag? And who designed the Hawaiian streamer?

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Pedro Henrique: the 2015 World Surf League (WSL) European champion | Photo: Masurel/WSL

Pedro Henrique conquered the inaugural Quiksilver Pro Casablanca, at Anfaplace, in Morocco.

The Portuguese-Brazilian surfer defeated Gatien Delahaye in an exciting final. With a victory in North Africa, Henrique also captured the World Surf League (WSL) European Men's title.

The surfer from Guadeloupe started well with a 7.17 for four strong backside turns. A few minutes later Delahaye would add a 7.37 to his total heat score. With five minutes on the clock, Pedro Henrique lands two critical foam climbs to steal the trophy.

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