Tanner Gudauskas: attacking Lacanau | Photo: ASP/Laurent Masurel

Tanner Gudauskas has conquered the Soöruz Lacanau Pro 2014, after defeating Leonardo Fioravanti in a fading two-to-three foot swell, at Grande Plage, Lacanau.

The Californian goofy-footer got the most out of his powerful backside to surf the best waves, and steal the final from the reigning ASP European Junior champion.

"It was fun. You know, every heat I was like 'ok cool I made it!' I wasn't looking too far ahead, and the guys were ripping, Charly, Vincent and Leo were really in form all event. Just to win an event feels so good I haven't done that in a long time!," tells Gudauskas.


Dungeons: cold and scary

The 2014 Dungeons Challenge, the second stop on the Big Wave World Tour, is on yellow alert.

A good-looking swell might be heading towards Cape Town, South Africa, and hitting the iconic big wave surf spot between 18th-19th August.

Wave face sizes may be in the 20-25 foot plus range, and possibly pushing toward 30-foot faces. ASP will issue a green Alert 72 hours prior to commencement if the event is called on.


Scar Reef: dangerous coral below | Photo: Surfindo.com.au

An Australian surfer has died after hitting a reef in Bali, Indonesia.

Peter Luke, 27, was riding big waves at Scar Reef, when the tragic accident took place. Reports tell that the young surfer was catching five-meter waves (16 feet) at Jelenga Beach in West Sumbawa.

Luke was enjoying the surf with two friends, when he hit the reef. They noticed he was missing and used a boat to locate him.