Kelly Slater: the uncontrolled backside air reverse | Photo: WSL

Kelly Slater pulled off one of the most creative air rotations ever in pro surfing history.

The Floridian master was surfing his Round 5 heat at Lower Trestles against Mick Fanning when, suddenly, his aerial move decided to defy physics.

Slater gets airborne, spins, disconnects with the surfboard, but rapidly reconnects and rides away for a backside 360, and a couple of turns. Unfortunately for him, the judges didn't think the whole stunt wasn’t that special.

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Mick Fanning: fired up | Photo: Kirstin/WSL

The quarterfinalists of the 2015 Hurley Pro have been defined. Four Brazilian surfers will hunt the Lowers title.

Filipe Toledo continues his ongoing Trestles domination. The young gun escaped Round 5 with a clear win over fellow countrymen Miguel Pupo and Italo Ferreira in Round 4.

"We're all really good friends but we're also really passionate about our sport. I would have been really angry if I didn't win that heat because I really want a good result at this event," reveals Toledo.

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Miguel Pupo: off-the-lip | Photo: Kirstin/WSL

The Brazilian Storm caused a few upsets, as the 2015 Hurley Pro reaches Round 4, at Lower Trestles, California.

To get things started, Miguel Pupo eliminated Julian Wilson from competition in a relatively low-scoring affair. Filipe Toledo defeated Michel Bourez with a breathtaking display of aerial surfing.

"I was out of the water for two weeks after Tahiti with an elbow injury, but after my performance yesterday I've definitely got my focus and momentum back," said Toledo.

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