Mark Foo: a big wave surfer capable of producing catchy quotes | Photo: Warren Bolster

If you were a surf journalist in the 1980s and 1990s, you would've loved to chat with Mark Foo. His catchy and memorable quotes made a splash, and were frequently exposed on the cover of magazines and newspapers.

Mark Foo was born on February 5, 1958, in Singapore, but moved with his Chinese photojournalist parents to Hawaii when he was 10. He learned to surf, studied at the University of Hawaii and, in 1977, joined the International Professional Surfers (IPS) World Tour.

However, five years later he decides to focus on big wave surfing. In January 1985, Mark Foo nearly completes an impossible ride at Waimea Bay, as he free-falls 25 feet on a 35-foot giant, connects with the wave, and then wipes out.

Andrei 'Dolphin' Ovchinnikov: riding giants in Nazaré

They're two big wave surfers, and they hail from Russia. The previous sentence doesn't seem to make sense, but they're in Nazaré, Portugal, to prove that our preconceptions are wrong.

Andrei "Dolphin" Ovchinnikov and Andrey Karr Boldyrev have the looks of a surfer. Their hairstyle, their clothes, and their eyes on the ocean are not different from a mate with an Aussie accent, or a dude with a Californian surf speech.

The surf duo has always wanted to surf giant waves. And when the right moment arrived, they packed their bags and flew all the way from the cold to the temperate climate of Western Europe.

Finn McGill: one of the youngest to ever win at Pipe | Photo: Heff/WSL

Sixteen-year-old surfer Finn McGill has taken out the Pipe Invitational 2016, at Banzai Pipeline, in Hawaii.

The young local talent defeated Gavin Beschen, Joshua Moniz, and Victor Bernardo in the four-to-six-foot surf final. McGill couldn't be more stoked.

"I cannot even believe this is happening right now. I've been surfing here my whole life and wanted to get some waves with only three other guys out. That was my mentality going into this event," expressed Finn McGill.