Surfboards: protect them from bumpy rides

The best waves are out there waiting... somewhere. If you're heading far afield, getting there is only half the work; you'll need your gear to survive the journey in great nick, too. Whatever your mode of transport, make sure your surfboard is protected from all the potential cracks, bangs, and dings along the way.

First up: the bag. Make sure it's good quality. Hard-sided options exist, so think about the type of traveling you'll be doing. If it's likely to be bumped, stacked, or crammed into small spaces, a hard-shelled bag is your best option.

When selecting a size, choose a bag that allows room for extra padding; a good rule of thumb is 6-8 inches of extra space at the top and bottom and 3-4 at the sides.

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Kicking out: a surfer's get-out-of-jail-free card | Photo: Rabejac/Quiksilver

Sometimes, you just got to bail. Whether a wave isn't working for you and you want to stay outside to line up for a new set, or there's an obstacle on your line you need to maneuver to avoid, there comes a time when you need to know how to cut a ride short safely and fluidly.

Kicking out of a wave is a surfer's get-out-of-jail-free card. An intermediate surfer in chest to head-high surf can pull off a kick out with confidence, but things get a little tricky in really big surf. Here, when things get iffy, you can still kick out, but it bears considering a few important variables.

Firstly, you need to be at or over the lip in order to kick out successfully and propel yourself to the outside of the break. On big waves, this could potentially mean a lot more distance to cover between where you are when you realise you have to bail and where you need to be to make it happen.

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V.360: a 360-degree surf camera

The V.360 is a sports action camera that will allow you to capture 360-degree videos and high-resolution panoramic photographs inside the barrel.

The world is changing; surfing is evolving. The V.360 surf gadget (56mm x 101.8mm) promises yet another revolution in the way we capture ourselves in the waves and takes point-of-view shots to a whole new dimension.

You will be able to confirm your own expression when a perfect barrel suddenly closes out, and the ride of our life transforms into the worst wipeout of the year.

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