Miki Dora: Da Cat is a surf legend | Photo: Ron Stoner

Miki Dora is one the brightest legends in the history of surfing. The sport's heroic antihero lived 67 years and left a rich legacy of ideas, concepts, expressions, thoughts, and theories. The most famous quotations by Miki Dora tell us what he was, and what he wanted to be.

The undisputed "King of Malibu," the ultimate hedonist, "The Black Knight," "Da Cat," and the "The Malibu Gypsy." Dora traveled the world and developed his fantasy planet.

Just like in the arts, sports legends never die, and Miki Dora will continue to shadow the dark side of surfing. The commercialization of the sport, the homogenization of behaviors, styles and references were some of the issues Dora always fought.

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Larry Gordon: the co-founder of Gordon & Smith Surfboards

Larry Gordon, the co-founder of Gordon & Smith Surfboards, passed away at the age of 76.

He is considered one of the pioneers of the modern foam surfboard. Gordon was born in Waukegan, Illinois, in 1939. Because he suffered from asthma, his family moved to Southern California when he was only three. He started surfing as a teenager in Pacific Beach and started his business at only 20.

While studying chemistry at the San Diego State University, Larry Gordon partnered with Floyd Smith to shape surfboards and, in less that two years, they had started a local revolution. Their brand and their boards were number one in the San Diego area.

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Windguru: revamped 15 years after being founded

Windguru, the most popular surf forecasting website in the world, has finally been revamped.

Considered by many the most accurate weather source of information about winds and waves, Windguru has remained unchanged and untouched since it was founded in 2000 by Vaclav Hornik.

The new Windguru - still in beta tests - maintains the look of the classic version, but it is now ready for a mobile world. Hornik, who is a passionate windsurfer himself, says that the renovation was not an easy task.

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