View From A Blue Moon: a film with and by John John Florence | Photo: VFABM

"View From A Blue Moon" is the first surf movie shot in 4K. And John John Florence is the star of the film.

The flick's storyline couldn't be more promising. They say we'll see "the sport of surfing as it's never been captured before," as imagined through the eyes of Blake Vincent Kueny.

In the days of online streaming, it's hard to find a feature film in which surfing, waves and surfers take center stage. The cinematographic adventure is always expensive and requires shooting in multiple exotic destinations.

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Pedro Scooby: riding mountains in Nazaré | Photo: Vitor Estrelinha/WSL

The big wave surf break of Praia do Norte, in Nazaré, Portugal, has woken up. The winter season is coming up, and the legendary rides are about to kick in.

After enjoying a remarkable 2014/2015 season in the giant liquid mountains, German hellman Sebastian Steudtner is back in the Portuguese waters. This time, he seems focused and ready to break the Guinness World Record for the largest wave ever ridden.

"One of my favorite things to do in Nazaré, is watching the waves hit the rocks when it's big! [There were] huge stormy waves at Nazare yesterday!" wrote Steudtner, who has already scored a few bombs for the WSL Big Wave Awards.

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Remi Petersen: a Benelux surfing star | Photo: Rekkab/SurfBenelux

Remi Petersen has taken out the O'Neill Jackpot 2015, held in Scheveningen, Netherlands.

Waves are a scarce resource, especially if you're a passionate surfer-citizen living in Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg (Benelux). However, that doesn't mean they can't crown national surfing champions.

The O'Neill Jackpot is one of the most prestigious surfing competitions in central-western Europe. Forty-eight wave riders fought for glory in three divisions, but only the top three earned a ticket to the Benelux Surfing Championship final, to be held in Morocco.

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