Raica, one of the 25 Miss Reef 

Reef is celebrating 25 years in the surf industry, giving you a chance to win a trip to Panama to be the next guest Miss Reef judge.

Just go to surfline.com, vote for your favorite Miss Reef from the past 25 years, register to win and you could be heading down to Panama to help Reef pick the perfect butt.

Check out reef.com/25th to download the 25 all-time best Miss Reefs and browse the Reef timeline to get a little bit of Reef history from the past 25 years.

World economic crisis postpones 2009 UK Surf Shop Expo 

Brintex, the organiser of the UK trade show Surf Shop has announced that the event will not be taking place this summer, but will be returning in a new format for 2010.

Trading continues to be exceptionally difficult for suppliers and buyers across the boardsports sector, and while we seem finally set to get the weather that the industry needed, it will take some time for the benefit to feed through and for stability to return to the boardsports business.

While hardware is holding up well, current conditions are hurting the core apparel brands that the buyers also want to see.

Brintex has therefore decided that the Surf Shop Expo should not take place this summer as the organisers felt that they would not be able to offer a fully representative exhibition and this would be a disappointment for buyers who had taken the time to attend.

Discussions with the trade have confirmed the need for the UK boardsports business to meet, for buyers to find new brands and ranges, and to bring together the full range of apparel and hardware that can’t be found elsewhere. So Brintex also remains fully committed to this sector, and the event will be back with fresh new content and new branding in 2010.

Event Director Lucy McPhail said “Everyone is really disappointed that the event won’t happen this year and all the suppliers we have spoken to will really miss the show, but we felt it was better to take a year out and come back in force than to disappoint. The UK business needs a meeting point, but sadly this year it won’t be Surf Shop”.


Papua New Guinea is the new surfing destiny 

When we think about fantastic surf spots in the world usually the first thing that comes to mind are Hawaii, Australia, Mexico, California and Portugal. But there is another location on the surf map, undiscovered, unpredictable, un-spoilt, beautiful and exotic. This destination is perfect for the European surfer staring out the window of his apartment, office or car at the cloudy, grey sky and cold, wintery conditions. This location, a hidden getaway, distant and remote, will surprise even the most skeptical with challenging waves breaking of scenic beaches, reefs and points without the crowds. Few know of this place, travel agencies rarely offer this direction that is why it is a surfer’s dream! The place in mind - Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea or PNG in short is located 160km to the north-east of Australia and lies just south of the equator. A country diversified and picturesque, discovered in the early 1500’s by a passing Portuguese fleet, is made up of a wealth of dense tropical rainforest, highlands, long rivers, tropical islands and white sandy coastline. Papua New Guinea’s 19 provinces are home to 5 million inhabitants, many local cultures and 800 local languages with the main one being Pidgin, spoken throughout PNG. Declared independent in 1975 Papuans still keep their old and various traditions alive by doing rituals celebrating births, deaths, marriages and other initiations. Travelers to PNG can experience the local variations of costumes, rituals and dance at a number of Sing-Sing shows - cultural and tribal shows held around the country annually with the most famous being the Goroka and Mount Hagen shows in the rugged Highlands. With this in mind PNG offers such a variety of activities travelers with completely opposite scopes of interest will be satisfied. Activities such as trekking through the highlands and jungle tracks, relaxing on numerous island resorts, diving amongst the coral reef and WWII wrecks, cruising the Sepik river and of course… Surfing.