Surfers united: no more oil drilling, please (Photo:

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico will affect thousands of surfers, kitesurfers, windsurfers and bodyboarders, from Louisiana to Florida, in the USA.

The environmental catastrophe will likely hit the northern coasts of the Gulf of Mexico in the next days. This will make surfing impossible for a long time in the southern US coastal areas.

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MGMT: Congratulations Vanwyngarden, you've made it to a surfing news website

MGMT's new album, 'Congratulations', has been inspired by surfing.

The cover of the record was designed by Anthony Ausgang and the band thinks that the songs are surf-y vibe.

Andrew Vanwyngarden, MGMT's frontman, says the song 'It’s Working' is like surfing on ecstasy.

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Mr. Surf Junk: collects everything

Santa Barbara Ca. Tom Brown, founder & head slacker of Mr. Surf Junk has assembled one of the sickest collections of surfing memorabilia and collectibles on the planet.

Brown’s collection is epic! It's been featured in media & print ads, movie productions, books, and magazine articles around the globe.

All magazines are guaranteed sick! The collection encompasses the complete history of the sport of surfing. Many premier issues available. The articles & photos date back to the time of legends like Mickey Dora, Fred Hemmings, Corky Carroll, and Greg Noll.

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