Surfing has a lot of beautiful women. From Australia to sunny California, from the Brazilian tropical beaches to the warm waters of Southern Europe, there are hundreds of gorgeous female surfers in professional and amateur wave peaks and contests. brings you the hottest beach surfer girls in professional surfing:

Alana Blanchard Ana Blanchard
Anastasia Ashley Anastasia Ashley
Bruna Schmitz Bruna Schmitz
Christa Alves Christa Alves
Coco Ho Coco Ho
Karina Petroni Karina Petroni
Malia Jones Malia Jones
Rosanne Hodge Rosanne Hodge
Sally Fitzgibbons Sally Fitzgibbons
Stephanie Gilmore Stephanie Gilmore

If you think you've missed a surfer girl, send us your models and we'll add it to the list of the "World's Most Beautiful Women In Surfing". ;)

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British Schools Surfing Championships: groms and more groms in Woolacombe

Schools from all over the country will be gathering in Woolacombe for the Billabong /Hunter/ V.W. British Schools Surfing Championships in association with British Surfing Association (BSA) and Calypso. The contest will take place over two days, starting on Saturday 17th and running through until Sunday the 18th April.

Over 200 children aged between 12 and 18 from 30 schools across the South West, England, Wales and The Channel Islands. There will be both team and individual competitions. The BSA expects to see some impressive action as well as ensuring fun for all.

Categories include Under 18s, Under 16s, Under 14s, Girls, Bodyboarding and Longboarding heats and many of the teams include the Britain’s top Junior and Grom talent. School teams are made up of fours and must contain at least one bodyboard rider or one girl and one surfer.

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O'Neill Cold Water Classic in Tasmania: ice freezing waves

The northwest corner of Tasmania put on quite a show for this third day of competition at the O’Neill Cold Water Classic Tasmania as the top seeds took to the water.

Starting at 8.30am and finishing at 6pm, this was a day of two to three meter waves, offshore winds, and as the morning fog cleared, even clear blue skies and sunshine. These were not typical Cold Water Classic conditions as the competition ploughed through the round of 96 and into the first four heats of the round of 48.

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