Xcel Supertubes Showdown 

Xcel is proud to present the inaugural Xcel Supertubes Showdown, a speciality event to take place on the waves of the fabled Supertubes, Jeffrey's Bay.

The event will be an invite-only event, with 16 local and Supers experts invited to surf in the event, competing for a first-place prize of an entry into the Von Zipper Wildcard Trials. The Von Zipper Wildcard Trials yield 3 slots into the main event of the Billabong Pro Jeffrey's Bay World Tour event.

The event will be head judged by the experienced Mike Ginsberg, with the assistance of local surfers. The premise of this event is simple: the best surfer advances through his heat. The event will consist of four four-man heats, with one surfer advancing from each heat to make up a four-man final. Heats will be 45 minutes long and the final will run for an hour. Surf requirements to run the event are simply a good swell and an offshore wind - all that's needed at one of the best right-hand pointbreaks in the world.

Invitees will consist of local surfers, and other surfers from the immediate environs who have spent time surfing Supers and have proven to have an affinity with the wave. They will include the likes of Warren Dean, Stanley Badger, Craig Els and Ryan Payne, amongst others. The list of invited surfers, as well as alternates, will be released shortly.

Local surfer Warren Dean was one of the first to be included into the event. Warren, who came third in the Billabong Challenge in 1995 behind Kelly Slater and Marc Occhilupo at Supers, feels that it's great for the locals to also get a chance. "This looks like it is going to be a great event," said Warren. "I would be over the moon to be able to get into a World Tour event and surf against the top 44. I've started training for it already, so I am taking it pretty seriously."

Warren proved to the world that local surfers can get a wave like Supertubes so wired that they can beat the best in the world. The highlight of the event was undoubtedly when Warren got four excellent tubes on one wave at Supers. Still, he admits that it's not only about reliving his heyday. "It's also a really positive thing that there are a few of the youngsters invited as well," added Warren. "These guys are the ones who want to compete on the WQS and then hopefully the World Tour, so they can really benefit from an event like this as well."


Marc Lacomare 

Marc Lacomare (Hossegor, FRA), 18, claimed the ASP Grade-2 Estoril B! Pro Junior today at Guincho, back-up venue of the 2009 edition where consistent wind-blown three to five foot (1 to 1.5 meter) waves were breaking for the final day of competition. Lacomare, who came out on top of four consecutive battles to take top honours on the final day, defeated Joachim Guichard (DNK), 18, in a thirty-minute decider to clinch 1500 ratings’ points and take the lead of the 2009 ASP European Junior ratings.

Marc Lacomare, who was coming straight from an equal 3rd finish in the ASP WQS 4-Star event in France, used his building confidence with great tactics throughout the three-day competition, the French wunderkind finishing his victorious run with the highest wave score of the event, an impressive 9.67 point ride during his Semifinal, a good indicator of Lacomare’s current form.

“To win that event is another great step and I am really happy to take the win today,” Lacomare said. “The waves were hard, the wind was so strong and it wasn’t easy out there so I am definitely happy with that 8.17 ride I got. I injured one of my ankles a bit before coming here and I felt a small pain during the event but I was able to push my surfing and get big scores.”

Lacomare, who confirms his excellent form with this win, will now compete in the ASP WQS 6-Star Estoril Quiksilver Pro event starting Tuesday, April 21, on Estoril’s surf coast.

“I’ve been on a good roll for the last couple of weeks and I feel really good before starting in the WQS event coming-up,” Lacomare said. “Getting two results in a row definitely helps my confidence and I hope I can keep that good karma going next week. I am so stoked right now and enjoying the surf a lot.”

Estoril B! Pro Junior runner-up Joachim Guichard (DNK), 18, was left in need of an 8.67 ride to catch-up with Lacomare’s 13.50 point overall heat score and could not find any good scoring potential wave to reach his target and win the event. Guichard, who had to defeat his twin brother Luka in Semifinal No. 1 to advance through to his first ever ASP Pro Junior final, goes home with 1290 ratings’ points giving him a solid base to start with for his 2009 ASP European Junior Top 10 campaign.

“Marc (Lacomare) got that 8.17 right at the start and kept the lead all the way through to the end of the final,” Guichard said. “It is an excellent result for me, my best ever, and I am happy with that runner-up finish. I will now build on this to try and reach the Top 10 at the end of the year before going on the ASP WQS and take my chance.”
Guichard, whose finish rockets him to No. 2 on the regional ratings, will take part in the upcoming Estoril Quiksilver Pro as well where he will be an outsider to count with when he paddles out against some the world’s best surfers.

French young gun from Bidart David Leboulsh (FRA), 18, suffered Lacomare’s unstoppable form and finished equal 3rd in Semifinal No. 2, still his best result to date and very promising towards his comeback on tour. Leboulsh, despite an average 7.26 point heat score due to his lefthanders’ choice, will definitely be much awaited when the tour recommences next July.


Gavin Coleman is the new World Kneeboard Champion

Australian surfer Gavin Coleman today (Friday 17th April) defended his World Kneeboard Champion beating three fellow Australians in the Open Men’s Final of the 2009 ISA World Kneeboard Surfing Titles.  Coleman led the Australians to seven of the eleven titles over the six day event.  Taranaki surfer Hamish Christophers took a crowd pleasing victory in the Pro Junior Division with a barnstorming display of surfing to notch up New Zealand’s third title.

The 2009 ISA World Kneeboard Surfing Titles have been taking place at Opunake since the 11th April and today’s action took place at Arawhata Road for the sixth day in a row.  Today the conditions were once again excellent with a new 1.5m swell hitting the Taranaki coastline with offshore winds prevailing all day.

Coleman, a standout through the event finished in style scoring 15.07 out of a possible 20 points to win the final.

“I got one early and got a good smaller wave after that” commented a quietly spoken Coleman.  “I felt both waves were good scorers so I knew I could wait for a big one at the end of the final if I needed to, in the end I didn’t even need to do that.”

Coleman got off to a great start in the final posting successive wave scores of 7.50 and 7.57 while the other three surfers only had one good scoring ride each.  The pressure told on the other surfers with two of them getting tangled up in an interference late in the heat.

“I was out the back when I got that last small one, I was last in the pecking order so went for the small one instead of waiting for a bigger set wave and it paid off because that big set came through and broke out beyond the other surfers and then they started hassling and the interference got called.  I am stoked I wasn’t part of that”.

It is Coleman’s second title after winning his first at the 2007 World Titles held at Santa Cruz, California, USA.  “Rewarding, really rewarding to win it again” said a reflective Coleman.

However, despite the amazing win today, for Coleman a third title is too far in the distance to give too much thought.  “Gee, I wasn’t even going to go for number two.  I will see how it goes, I don’t even know what is happening in my life at the moment so we will see where I am at in 2011 in regard to going for a third straight title.

Placing second in the final was Simon Farrer (Aust) who scored the finals highest scoring ride – 8.17 out of a possible 10.  Farrer was one of the two surfers caught in the interference when he and Albert Munoz took the same wave.  Farrer was forced into going for the wave in the search for a good second score to catch Coleman.  The wave in question only led to a small score for Farrer leaving him in second place.

Finishing in third place today was Baden Smith (Aust) scoring 12.27 in the final.  Smith, a double finalist chose to ride the lefthanders for much of the heat but they ultimately did not offer up the scoring potential of the rights.

Placing fourth as a result of the interference was Albert Munoz who was in the hunt for the title up until the time he interfered with Farrer.