Marc Sandvold: paddling into a wave at Tongg's wearing a Canoes Aloha shirt | Photo: Darrell Wong

Can you imagine Hawaii without "The Aloha Shirt"? The famous blouse is showcased in all its splendor in a sublime coffee-table book by Dale Hope.

Some brands are cooler than others, and Patagonia is definitely becoming one of the most important companies in the surfing scene. Not only because of its eco-friendly DNA, but also because Patagonia is leading the way when it comes to surf clothing and apparel.

The company founded by Yvon Chouinard in 1973 is not new to book publishing. Patagonia has already released a few surf-related titles, including "Let My People Go Surfing," "Surf is Where You Find It," "Slow Is Fast," "No Bad Waves: Talking Story," "The Plight of the Torpedo People," and "More Stoked!".

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Surfing: learn how to hold your breath for five minutes | Photo: Shutterstock

How can a freediver hold his breath for 22 minutes? Can surfers adopt the same technique? Here's a quick guide to boosting your breathing power.

It's all in your lungs. Breathing exercises to increase lung capacity are not a myth, but you'll hold your breath longer without a clock stressing your brain. Therefore, dry training is the best to start improving your breath hold.

Although you might not believe it, you can rapidly learn how to hold your breath for five minutes. Take it step-by-step. One of the secrets is to keep muscles ultra relaxed and quiet so that they don't waste oxygen.

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Waves: there are four groups of breaking rollers | Photo: Shutterstock

Waves are an unstoppable force - at least until they break - but can they be classified into groups? Experts in fluid dynamics have the answer, and the interaction between the ocean floor and the beach is definitively decisive.

Oceanography has all the answers for the classic surfing questions and enigmas. Science teaches surfers how ocean waves are formed, and why they break as they do. There are multiple variables at stake: sun, wind, energy, geographical obstacles, tides, and many other factors.

Experienced surfers know how and when the waves are breaking perfectly. For avid wave hunters, perfect waves are waves that peel continuously from left to right, or vice-versa, rather than closing out abruptly.

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