Australia conquers the World Surfing Games 2008 

Australia won their third consecutive ISA World Surfing Games Team Championship and gold medals today in Costa de Caparica. This was their fourth out of the seven editions in the history of the event. It was a sunny, beautiful day at Marcelino beach, with waves improving from yesterday and reaching three feet with good conditions.

Sally Fitzgibbons (Gold) in Open Women; Dayyan Neve (Bronze), Heath Joske (Silver) and Kai Otton (Copper) in Open Men; Harley Ingleby (Silver) in Longboard; and Lilly Pollard (Copper) in Bodyboard Women are all members of the Aussie team that made it into their respective finals. They added important points towards the final Team Standings that gave Australia a strong win of almost 3,000 points ahead of Team USA who came in second and won silver medals.

The final team standings are as follows:
Gold: Australia - 17,238 pts.
Silver: USA - 14,284 pts.
Bronze: Brazil - 12,610 pts.
Copper: France - 11,819 pts.

The CEO of Surfing Australia, Mark Lane explained his point of view on Australia's great record in the Games. "I think the secret and one of our team goals is all about having fun while we're here, to be laughing all the time. And it's also in the Australian culture that we're never giving up. We're always encouraging people to never give up and to keep surfing well".

"It's a great feeling to win again. It's really a hard week to watch and go through every heat. You've got to deal with disappointments. You feel everything and when you come out of this and win, it just feels great."


World Surfing Games

In small and inconsistent two feet waves the finalists of the repercharge and main event were defined in the seventh day of the ISA World Surfing Games that are taking place in Costa de Caparica. Only one day of competition remains now to know who´s going to be the new World Champions and the Overall Nations gold medallist.

Despite the conditions, amazing surfing action was on offer, thanks to the likes of CJ Hobgood (USA), Luis Vindas (CRI), Kai Otton (AUS), Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS), Matthew Moir (ZAF), Phil Rajzman (BRA) and other 16 surfers who went to the water today and did their job to reach the final day and the top 6 spots in each division. Out of the 233 surfers that started the event, the best 30 will surf tomorrow.

All the divisions hit the water today, with some "reperchargers" competing three times. And out of the whole bunch, only two survived and are now one step away from the big final in each division. On Main Events rounds, four untouched surfers are also one step away from the medals.

The Overall Team standings ratings are now like this:
1st Australia
2nd USA
3rd Costa Rica
4th France
5th Brazil

Costa Rica confirmed it status as the new great surfing nation, putting their name in the elite group of the world´s most developed surfing nations.


World Surfing Games 

It was a crucial, exciting and difficult Day 5 in Costa de Caparica with four out of the five divisions competing today in the contest. Teams had a busy schedule of heats that took place in small 2 to 3 feet waves. Today set the pace between those countries that will be battling for the top of the rankings.

The usual suspects - Australia, USA, Brazil, South Africa and France - were joined by the sharp and consistent surfing of Costa Rica at the top of the list of current Overall Team Standings. The "Ticos" continued to gain the attention of everybody in the contest site, causing great upsets while advancing surfers into the final rounds.

ASP World Tour surfers, CJ Hobgood of USA and Kai Otton of Australia instilled a great deal of patriotism for their respective teams by scoring the highest scores of their rounds. Meanwhile, Ben Bourgeois' journey to the finals was greatly upset by Luis Vindas from Costa Rica.

The Main Event Women´s Open and Bodyboard Men´s semifinals were defined, as well as the Bodyboard Women's final. The event is entering the final leg of rounds with three days to find out who's going to be the next gold medal nation.

With Day 5 finished, the only country to have all of their surfers still competing in the contest is Brazil. Of the 233 surfers that started the event, there're now 114 remaining.

Leading and stealing the show
Australia, USA, Brazil, South Africa and France - the top five seeded nations are leading the show in this ISA World Surfing Games. However, following close behind, Costa Rica is proving their place to become a part of the final face-off. The upcoming surfing nation stole applauses today with two of their team members fighting to stay alive, getting through to next Main Event round and creating big upsets of the day.