Kirk Hammet 

Kirk Hammett, lead guitarist for Metallica has become an avid surfer in the past few years and as the band is nearing completion on their upcoming album "Death Magnetic" is it possible Kirk and his wife Lani are thinking about business endeavors outside Metallica?

Hammett recently revealed he has had initial thoughts of starting a clothing line geared toward the surfing industry: "I've actually thought of a sportswear line, surf clothing line. I have the name and it's so good I'm not even going to tell you guys. But yeah, I have big plans. Whether they actually find the time to actually come to the surface remains to be seen."

Metallica are in the final stages of their highly anticipated album "Death Magnetic" which is set for release September 16th. The band has enlisted the services of producer extraordinaire Rick Rubin and the band will be releasing the album as a box set dubbed 'The Coffin Box' which contains a Documentary DVD, bonus tracks and collectibles for their fans.

Metallica are currently touring Europe in support of "Death Magnetic".

Kelly Slater

For the fourth season in a row, the Rip Curl Pro Search event will throw a curveball at the world’s best surfers, offering the ASP Top 45 a never-before-competed-at Dream Tour venue.

Stop No. 6 of 11 on the 2008 ASP World Tour, the Rip Curl Pro Search will once again pit the best surfers on the planet at a location that has never before hosted an ASP event. Previous Rip Curl Pro Search venues have included St. Leu on Reunion Island (2005), “La Jolla” in mainland Mexico (2006) and El Gringo in Chile’s port town of Arica (2007), but 2008’s venue has been kept secret from the public at large.

Kelly Slater (USA), eight-time ASP World Champion and current ratings leader on the ASP World Tour, has been in staggering form this season, collecting four victories in five events (Gold Coast, Bells Beach, Tavarua and Jeffreys Bay), and will be the man to beat at the Rip Curl Pro Seach.

“I’m really relaxed,” Slater said. “My life is really good personally and professionally. There’s nothing side-tracking me and nothing in the way. I’ve got to take the same approach that I took at the start of the year, which is not being preoccupied, and just focus on what’s happening right now and how do I maximize that.”


Ghost ship in Padang Padang

Padang Padang's new resident shipwreck, the Ho Tsai Fa is now off the surfing reef and wedged into the rocks facing the surf break.

Daily physical efforts from Bali-based ROLE Foundation, GUS Foundation, Rip Curl, and a crew of volunteers have been concentrated on the low tides, the only time the ship is safely accessible on dry reef. The good news is most hazardous materials like oil, diesel, and loose bits of boat have been removed and hauled away.

Concerned divers have cleaned the underwater reef of fishing hooks, sharp gaffs, wires, nets, pieces of metal and other dangerous shrapnel from the wreck. The bad news is that the ship's 100 ft+ (33 m+) fiberglass frame could start breaking off at a faster rate with each new swell, further polluting the surrounding areas. Gaping holes are already ripped into the boat's bottom, meaning that any attempts to pull it off the reef would result in the ship sinking like a rock.

The offensive stench of the remaining fish and bait rotting in the ship's hold truly tests one's limits. Other fishy smells come from the crew that jumped to safety, way in advance, while the ship was set on a crash course for Bali. Apparently the ship had broken all contact for about a month before the wreck, its whereabouts and intentions unknown. Police are on the lookout for the crew.

As we know, the ship wrecked on the opening ceremony night for the Rip Curl Cup at Padang Padang late last Friday night, choosing its final berth not far below the judging tower and contest lookout.