Drug Aware Margaret River Pro 2015: Christie's leap of faith | Photo: Cestari/WSL

Infamous waves, breathtaking wipeouts and surfers winning heats with a combined heat score of 4.30 points. Welcome to the first day of competition of the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro 2015, in Western Australia.

The world's best surfers survived the test. The first heats were run at The Box, but the carnage continued later at Margaret River's Main Break with the remaining heats of Round 1.

After watching John John Florence wiping out and winning his heat, Sebastian Zietz found one of the morning's best barrel rides and secured the highest heat total of the day: 15.23 points.

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Feather Fins: founded by Kike Aradas in Galicia

The competitive market of surfboard fins has a new player. Meet Feather Fins.

Their first goal is to conquer the heart of the European surfers. Feather Fins was founded by Kike Aradas, in 2014. The fin adventure kicked off in Galicia, Spain, but a sudden partnership with Erwann Laflutewith sent the product across Europe.

Feather Fins is a different fin company. According to Kike, the brand "proposes quality fins designed with and for European athletes. They are sensitive to climate change and environment, so all packaging and visuals of the brand are made from recycled materials."

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Freestyle Tide Trainer: get cross-training into surfing

Freestyle has announced the release of the Tide Trainer, a gym-to-surf cross-training watch.

What happens when you blend a surf watch with a cross-training fitness planner? The Tide Trainer by Freestyle combines tide data with multiple performance timing functions for surfers looking to get in better shape.

Freestyle partnered with Extreme Athletics to deliver a watch that features tide data for 150 beaches, sunrise/sunset times, five interval timers and preset heat timers, 100-hour chronograph, 200-lap workout memory with dated training log and customizable training reminders such as nutrition and hydration.

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