Who Is JOB: the most watched surfing series of all time | Photo: McKenna/Red Bull

Jamie O'Brien and Poopies are ready for "Who Is JOB 6.0" Yes, the lunatics from the island of Oahu are back with crazy new stunts.

It is definitely the most watched surfing series of all time. "Who Is JOB" is a success story that started in 2011 with a simple message-formula: have fun with your friends.

O'Brien and his crew were able to keep the fun-factor going for six seasons, and it will likely continue with wild experiences, inflatable toys, tandem big wave surfing, soft-tops, sexy girls, and shore break madness.

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Rafael Teixeira: stealing the show in Acapulco | Photo: WSL

Rafael Teixeira has taken out the Vans Surf Open Acapulco, at Playa Revolcadero, in Mexico.

The spot located near Acapulco delivered clean four-to-five-foot waves for the finals. With 1,000 Qualifying Series points up for grabs, the ocean offered the ideal conditions for competitive surfing.

The final pitted Rafael Teixeira, from Brazil, against French rising star Diego Mignot. Teixeira, who had already won a QS event, managed to put Mignot in combo-land and stole the show.

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Mick Fanning: fourth consecutive final at Jeffreys Bay | Photo: Kirstin/WSL

Mick Fanning has conquered the J-Bay Open 2016, at Jeffreys Bay, in South Africa.

The Australian surfer defeated John John Florence by a narrow margin - only 0.57 points - in an exciting final held in two-to-four-foot waves. Fanning overcame the shark attack experience and raised the trophy in the South African right-hand point break.

Fanning surfed his fourth consecutive final at Jeffreys Bay. Despite suffering an ankle injury before the event, Mick led his small board with a thruster setup to victory.

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