SUP Yoga: the benefits of stand up paddle yoga are endless | Photo: Shutterstock

SUP Yoga is becoming an increasingly popular outdoor activity. The benefits of stand up paddle yoga are endless, and a few quick tips and sequences will help you become the ultimate SUP yogis and yoginis.

Combining yoga and stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is merging the best of two worlds. When you blend the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga with the natural and physical advantages of surfing, your body will react positively.

SUP Yoga is a relaxing experience, and it will improve your surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, and stand-up paddleboarding skills. If you're simply a yoga enthusiast, and never tried any water sport, you might get hooked forever.

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Chillax SurfWax: an organic surf wax that repels sharks | Photo: Chillax SurfWax

An Australian surfer believes he has developed an organic surf wax that repels great white sharks.

Neil Campbell created Chillax SurfWax, a product made of four strong essential oils, four spices, pure virgin organic coconut oil, and unfiltered beeswax. He says he wants to "take surfers off the shark's menu."

The surfer-entrepreneur moved to South Australia recently, and he couldn't imagine himself paddling and having fun in shark-infested waters. He knew he had to do something, and electronic shark repellents and deterrents were not the way.

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Secret spots: surf is where you find it | Photo: Shutterstock

Digital maps and satellite images have shown us the world from the sky, but there are still secret spots left untouched by the voracious surfing community.

A dreamy right-hand point break, an incredibly fast left-hand beach break, or a heavenly sent A-frame peak working on all swells and tides. Secret spots are always unique.

They are undoubtedly special because no one has surfed it before, and because you've got the wave just for yourself. Of course, you'll say, "It's all been discovered and surfed; secret spots don't exist anymore."

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