Cloudbreak: make it or break it

For many surfers, it's the ultimate wave. Welcome to the small island of Tavarua, in Fiji, where you won't find many things to do. That's it, you'll have to ride Cloudbreak.

Forget museums, historic buildings, and night life. You've probably traveled a long way to get to the Fijian island of Tavarua and enjoy the splendorous natural surroundings. There's blue water everywhere. And waves for all tastes.

But the truth is that if you're not an intermediate, skilled surfer, you should stay away from Cloudbreak. Even in its medium sized days, this wave hides many daunting secrets. The worst variable is, without a doubt, the shallow and sharp reef, which will rapidly tattoo your skin.

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Bells Beach: a storm in heaven

Bells Beach is a renowned surf beach located 100 kilometers southwest of Melbourne, near the towns of Torquay and Jan Juc.

Bells Beach is the home of the world's longest-running surfing competition - the Rip Curl Pro - an event formerly known as the Bells Beach Surf Classic, which got started in 1961.

The pioneers of surfing in Bells Beach were Torquay locals Owen Yateman and Vic Tantau. They rode the first waves in the late 1940s.

This is probably the most important surf spot in the 35,876 kilometers (22,292 miles) of Australia's mainland coastline. It's the surfing capital of the land of kangaroos, with a low shark attack record.

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