Padang Padang: the Balinese Pipeline

It's one of the most beautiful surfing barrels in the world. The so-called "Balinese Pipeline" is, at the same time, the best and most popular wave in Bali, Indonesia.

Welcome to surfers' heaven. This is it. Pure stoke, all around you. Enjoy the sights and take note: Padang Padang might be firing green barrels, but the ocean's floor not that friendly. This wave deserves respect.

Indonesia's premium tube riding experience can be quite picky. Only the bravest Indian Ocean swells will transform Padang Padang into a world-class coral reef break. That could be good news in case you're a beginner-to-intermediate surfer.

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Jeffreys Bay: go for the 1200-yard (1100 meters) long ride

Jeffreys Bay is a miracle and, for many, it's the best surfing wave in the African continent. A world-class wall of continuous breaking water.

The spot has many names. You can call it Jeffreys Bay, Jeffreysbaai, J-Bay, Jay Bay, etc. In the end, it's all about a powerful, fast right-hand point break admired by surfers from all corners of the world.

J-Bay has made world champions and surf icons. It proved to be a training ground for multiple generations of surfers. Shaun Tomson, Terry Fitzgerald, Mark Occhilupo, Miki Dora, and Mark Price will never forget the allurement of this South African spot.

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