Huntington Beach Surf City USA: surfing is everywhere | Photo:

Huntington Beach Surf City USA is celebrating one hundred years of surfing.

It's one of the most important surf cities in the world. Not only because it is located in the heart of California, home of American surfing, but also because Huntington Beach keeps setting the bar higher in the development of the so-called surf culture.

When you think of a quality beach break close to a pier, Huntington Beach always comes to mind first. In 1914, George Freeth became the town's first surfer. The Hawaiian pioneer was invited to give a surfing demonstration during the opening ceremony of the Huntington Beach Pier.

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Padang Padang: the Balinese Pipeline

It's one of the most beautiful surfing barrels in the world. The so-called "Balinese Pipeline" is, at the same time, the best and most popular wave in Bali, Indonesia.

Welcome to surfers' heaven. This is it. Pure stoke, all around you. Enjoy the sights and take note: Padang Padang might be firing green barrels, but the ocean's floor not that friendly. This wave deserves respect.

Indonesia's premium tube riding experience can be quite picky. Only the bravest Indian Ocean swells will transform Padang Padang into a world-class coral reef break. That could be good news in case you're a beginner-to-intermediate surfer.

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