G-Land: this is Indonesia

G-Land is one of the most renowned waves of Java. Located in the Eastern side of the island, G-Land is also one of the most exposed reefs in Indonesia, catching more swell than any other break. The reef stretches along one and half kilometres and holds four different take-off surf spots, targeted to different levels of surfing experience.

"Kongs" is the first break way up the point and very rarely drops below three feet. It offers long workable walls and it is a slower and mellower break compared to those down the line.

"Money Trees" is the next section of the wave and is also the most consistent surf area of the reef. The spot is famous for its fast wave faces, as well as the emerald green and almond shaped barrels.

"Launching Pads" is comes next. This is a more demanding wave, in which barrels get bigger. Its name derives from the take-off point leading into "Speedies", a few 70 metres down the reef. It could mean one of the longest barrels of your life.

"Speedies" is definitely famous for its long spinning barrels. This surf spot truly says all about G-Land. If you score it on "the day", you’ll understand why.

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Hainan Island: the Chinese Hawaii

Surfing in China is all about discovering waves in the 14,500 kilometres of coastline. People's Republic of China might be the most populous state in the world, but surfing is still not the main sports attraction for the 1.3 billion citizens of the country.

China shares maritime boundaries with South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines, countries were surfers are more common in the regional surf spots.

Surfing in China was just a mirage in the beginning of the 21st century, but fortunately everything's changing. The foreign surfing community has been discovering the ocean treasure of China and the country is falling in love with the sport of riding waves.

The Hainan Island is undoubtedly the capital of surfing in China. Located in the South China Sea, Hainan Island gets multiple swells from northeastern and southern currents. Its beautiful sand beaches and warm climate have helped to develop a stable touristic offer for surfers and their families.

The heart of the Chinese surfing communities has two different prime surfing regions. In the east coast of Hainan Island, look for several surf opportunities between Ganzhe Dao and Xincun Gang. In this strip, there are great surf spots for the winter season: Shimei Bay, the famous Riyue Bay, Ho-Hai Beach and "Matos".

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