Meagan Ethell: Women's Wakeboarder of the Year 2015 | Photo: Puccini/Red Bull

Harley Clifford and Meagan Ethell have been hailed the best wakeboarders of 2015, at Wakeboarding's Annual Wake Awards, held in Florida.

The event crowned the season's finest wakeboarders and industry professionals in 13 categories. The Surf Expo gathered riders, fans and wake executives.

The Wake Awards have noted that 2015 was particularly unique, due to plenty of progression on the boats, wake parks and winch aspects of the sport.

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Cory Teunissen: Rookie of the Year 2015 | Photo: Garrison/Red Bull

Cory Teunissen has been named "Rookie of the Year" of the 2015 Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour.

The wakeboarder from Brisbane, Queensland finished the circuit in the runner-up position behind fellow Australian rider Harley Clifford.

With an outstanding performance throughout the Tour, Cory Teunissen managed to win the competition held at Traxler Park, in Janesville and even landed the first-ever wake-to-wake 1080 in a pro contest.

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Dean Smith: smile, you're a dad now

Dean Smith claimed the 2015 Malibu Tokyo Pro, in Odaiba Beach, Japan.

The Australian wakeboarder combined a mix of tremendous technical tricks and spins to beat JD Webb, Phil Soven, Raph Derome, Harley Clifford and Steel Lafferty in the Pro Men's final.

"I'm so pumped to have my son on the podium today to celebrate the win. I've never had a feeling like it in my life! Having a kid has put a lot of things in perspective, and given me new motivation. JD made jokes about this, but it has been true! I think it made it even more special having him next to me on the podium too," revealed Smith.

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