Norsjø Cable Park: Ben Zilbermann seems to enjoy the spot | Photo: VM Cable Wakeboard 2014

Two hundred riders from 29 nations will participate in the 2014 Cable Wakeboard World Championships, at Norsjø Cable Park, Telemark County, Norway.

Between August 10th-16th, the best cable wakeboarders in the planet will head to Northern Europe for the 8th edition of the Cable Wakeboard World Championships.

The top-ranked athletes, including Frédéric von Osten, Sophie-Marie Reimers, Julia Rick and Dominik Gührs, will battle for titles in wakeboarding and wakeskating.

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Airplane water skiing: is your body ready for the challenge?

A group of water sports enthusiasts has enjoyed an unusual session of barefoot skiing behind an airplane.

If everything's possible, why not give it a go? Have you got a friend who owns an airplane? If so, then ask him for a ride. He drives the plane, you ride the wake.

Keith and Lauren St. Onge, David Small and Ben Groen have been towed by a plane in Florida. They say it doesn't hurt at all, although you get physically exhausted for three days.

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Harley Clifford: podium smiles

Harley Clifford has conquered the 25th Annual Wakeboard National Championships, at the BSR Cable Park, in Waco.

Clifford pulled some of the biggest airs of the entire event, mixing in stylish toe and heel side rotations as well as sound rail riding.

The dream run was executed perfectly and was just enough to overcome a stacked field of competitors that included Rusty Malinoski, Bob Soven, Noah Flegel, Oli Derome and Danny Harf.

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