Shredtown: building solid foundations for wakeboarding

The Shredtown crew had already made a splash with "Drop The Gun." They won "Video of the Year" and "Video Part of the Year" at the 2014 Wake Awards. Now they're back in construction mode.

Shredtown's "Under Construction" is ready to be served. Just sit back and relax. There's plenty of work to be done by these riders.

Join Andrew Adams, Chris Abadie and Davis Griffin, as they draw the most creative lines, and set new approaches to rail riding in metal tubes and orange ramps.

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Dominic Lagace: he stormed the 2014 MyWake Global Challenge | Photo: Liquid Force

Dominic Lagace has won the "MyWake Video of the Year" 2014 award.

The video competition had 900 contest registrations and over half a million web views. The Tige MyWake Global Challenge allows wakeboarders, wakeskaters, and wakesurfers to compete against each other, based on footage of their best tricks.

The event attracted riders from 12 countries in 15 divisions. Wake enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels were invited to submit eight rapid fire, trick specific videos throughout the year.

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WingBoard: riding and carving the skies | Photo: Wypaviation

Aaron Wypyszynski aims to design the impossible. The master in Aeronautical Engineering wants to take wakeboarders riding the skies of the world. No joke.

The man behind "WingBoard" began carving the skies when he was only 13. As time passed by, he dedicated his life to airplanes and impossible inventions. Now, he wants to project wakeboarding into the atmosphere.

"There's been truly no way to fly behind an aircraft. WingBoard is unique because it's the only opportunity for you to stand, having the wind in your face, and controlling yourself in the sky," explains Wypyszynski.

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