New Zealand: sailing in the windiest city in the world | Photo: Isaac Spedding

Wellington, the capital of New Zealand and the windiest city in the world, is inviting all windsurfers for the Eastbourne Slalom Plus 2015, to be held between December 5th-6th.

Eastbourne is a small community across the harbor from Wellington City, which has an average wind speed of 16 knots. In its windiest year, it had 233 days of winds reaching gale force or beyond.

The event itself is relatively informal, with two days of figure 8 slalom races, as well as plenty of social activities. It does attract some of the top Kiwi slalom windsurfers from around New Zealand who are keen to test themselves for the National event in Christchurch, in January 2016.

New Zealand offers virtually every adventure activity and extreme sport. If you fly in to Auckland, you can explore the numerous sailing locations around the City of Sails. The beaches are numerous, the locals friendly, the other attractions plentiful.

South of Wellington there's plenty of wind, with harbor blasting or wavesailing. You can never get more than about 120 kilometers from the sea in New Zealand, and if you are that far away you're probably on the shore of one of the numerous southern lakes, where sail sizes in the low 4's are common.

Learn how to wipe out safely. Protect yourself and other fellow surfers from injuries and avoid equipment damage. Reduce the risks when falling off a surfboard.

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Windsurfing offers multiple sailing opportunities. You can go free riding in a flat water lake or hit the ocean for a wave sailing session. As with everything in water sports, there's a specific rig for each kind of windsurfing discipline.

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