Matteo Iachino: fully equipped with Starboard and Point-7 | Photo: Point-7

Matteo Iachino has signed with Starboard and Point-7. The Italian windsurfer makes a strategic move for 2016, after finishing third in the 2015 PWA Slalom World Tour with Fanatic and North Sails.

He is probably the best Transalpine slalom windsurfer in the world right now. Iachino only needed 67 points to clinch the maiden world title last season but, this time, he has two new trumps: a new board and a new sail.

Andrea Cucchi, founder of Point-7, is happy and proud to have the Italian back in the team. Matteo will be riding the AC-1 black sail in the upcoming competitions.

"We always kept Matteo close even if he was using other gear as always been a great friend, being also from the same country. Now he is back, and this makes us really proud and motivated to work together," explained Cucchi.

Matteo Iachino will have new windsurf boards under his feet. The young sailor from Savona believes he has the fastest planks in the world - the iSonic.

"If you ask around, the general opinion is that Starboard is special in slalom. The iSonic is the board to be on. If you look at the performance of Starboard over the years, it's been consistently number 1 on the PWA Constructor's podium," adds Iachino.

"I would obviously love to be World Champion as soon as possible, and I will work hard for it. The level is super high, and I'm very close so let's see what will happen this year."

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