Aruba Hi-Winds: different shades of windsurfing

Since its early years in the mid-eighties, when windsurfing greats like Robby Naish and Bjorn Dunkerbeck raced in Aruba year after year, the Aruba Hi-Winds has remained one of the biggest names in windsurfing events in the Caribbean, including freestyle windsurfing and Kiteboarding.

Aruba is blessed with almost ideal wind- and water conditions for windsurfing and Kiteboarding. Whether you’re a traditional down-wind slalom racer, a fearless freestyler or if you’ve joined the newest craze in watersports: kiteboarding, the Aruba Hi-Winds is there for you!

Besides being a first-rate windsurfing and Kiteboarding event, the Aruba Hi-Winds is renowned for having an extensive and exhilarating entertainment and social program for its competitors and friends. Participating in the Aruba Hi-Winds means partying from start to finish! Don’t miss the fun!

Join us at Aruba Hi-Winds: June 30th to July 5th!

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Or Call: +297 748 97 47

SOURCE: Aruba Hi-Winds