WindSUP: go windsurfing, go stand-up paddleboarding | Photo: Starboard

WindSUP is one of the smartest inventions ever produced by the boardsports industry. Discover what makes a good stand-up paddleboard for windsurfers and occasional paddlers.

What is a WindSUP? Is it a windsurf board or a stand-up paddleboard (SUP)? A WindSUP is a blend between windsurfing and stand-up paddleboarding. In other words, it is an SUP that you can go sailing with; a crossover board for both windsurfers and surfers. And with no foot straps - it's a two-in-one plank.

The watersports industry found an interesting way of selling SUPs to windsurfers or, if you prefer, windsurf boards that can be used by surfers and SUP enthusiasts. But, why should you own a WindSUP?

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Michael Rossmeier: founder of Trick Genius | Photo: Carter/PWA

Michael Rossmeier has announced the launch of Trick Genius, an advanced online coaching platform for windsurfers.

For nearly a decade, the Austrian sailor from Tyrol competed at the highest level on the PWA World Tour. Rossmeier is a freestyle windsurfer, so he knows what he is doing when teaching others to pull rad maneuvers.

Trick Genius is a website and a smartphone app where you'll learn how to complete more than 180 tricks and moves. Users will also be invited to upload videos, and then get suggestions and personalized tips for improvements from certified instructors.

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Bernd Roediger: back in Naish | Photo: Naish

Naish will return to the Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) World Tour as an industry sponsor.

The decision to rejoin the professional windsurfing circuit was announced by the legendary windsurfer and president of Naish International, Robby Naish.

"Naish's commitment to the sport of windsurfing has never wavered. Our passion for the sport is still burning strong; it is close to our hearts. I still windsurf almost every day, and I want Naish to become a major player again," revealed Robby Naish.

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