Shaka Bump & Jump: crazy ferry windsurfing competition

From the 21st to the 22nd of May, the Shaka Bump & Jump took place in Torbole, Garda Lake.

This is a windsurfing jump competition behind a ferry made possible thanks to Mike, owner of the Shaka Shop, that for many years rents the ferry and makes it go up and down for the happyness of all the windsurfers!

The first day of competition was held at the Pier Surf School and the second in Conca d'Oro. Watch the video highlights.

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2010 Essaouira Wave Classic: great spirit, great winds

After 3 rounds completed and 12 heats run in various wavesailing conditions, from moderate winds with medium size waves, and from strong winds to pure down the line surfsailing, the organization of this 1st ‘Essaouira Wave Classic 2010 is happy to announce the official results.

See you for another great event in Morocco in 2011!

After 3 rounds completed and with 46 points
Fettah Lamara (Morocco) with Boujmaa Guilloul (Morocco), Leo Ray (France) and Graham Ezzy (USA/Hawaii).

Voted by the riders themselves before the Closing Ceremony
Boujmaa Guilloul (Morocco) wins all the votes.

Fettah Lamara (Morocco) wins all the votes unanimously.

Everybody agrees to say that Boujmaa Guilloul’s super high double forward loop was the sickest move of all. This move is to discover in our final video to be released soon.

It’s been a tight battle between Abdelouahed Labdi (Morocco) and Graham Ezzy’s (USA) wipe outs. But finally it is Abdelouahed that wins this trophy !

With a 1000 € Prize Money offered by the sponsor of this «Free Jump Session », Boujmaa Guilloul (Morocco) strikes once again and wins the 500 € promised for the pro riders’ 1st ‘best jump’, and Fettah Lamara (Morocco) wins the other 500 € promised for the local riders’ 1st ‘best jump’.

Were also awarded for their participation and their commitment in the competition, the other 3 locals : Fayçel Hmidi (Essaouira), Miloud Labdi (Moulay Bouzerktoun) and Soufiane Sahli (Moulay Bouzerktoun).

We would like to thank the local moroccan people in Essaouira and Moulay Bouzerktoun for their warm welcome and support.

2010 Sicily Grand Prix: running for the pizza prize

Two further races were completed on the final day of the 2010 Sicily Grand Prix.

Although 3 races were scheduled there was not sufficient wind mid afternoon to call out the racers for the third race. This meant any mistakes over the past 2 days would be costly as there were no discards allowed.

The overnight leaders failed to hold onto their positions except for Albert Chaillot (FRA 354) in the Techno fleet.

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