Starboard One Hour Classic: that is 60 minutes and not a single second more

First day, the wind comes light and the riders are starting the long distance, that will be having them fighting for 1 hour from one side to the other of the Lake, with big gear.

Alberto Menegatti takes the lead, followed from Maynard and Allen, but the wind comes light quickly and even if Menegatti and Allen are keeping planning the race get stopped, letting the first day to an end.

Sunday, the north wind comes and the race directors are deciding in running only half hour, cause of the instability of the wind that can change very quickly intensity.

The second day starts with wind that was going from 15 to 25 knots with Menegatti, Allen and Maynard on their bigger sails and boards letting an easy game for Albeau on 8,6 winning with a good lead.

The fight behind is anyway hard, with after the start Allen on second, Maynard on 3rd and Menegatti in 4th. Alberto minute after minute menages to catch meter on meter on both his contender, being able to overtake first Maynard and then Allen.

"I'm stoked on my result. After the start i seriously thought i wouldn't be able to finish the race with such a big sail, but i got actually astonished on how easy my rig was, and even if i was completely overpower i managed to keep a good speed through out the all course first catching up after a bad start and then having secured my second place with a good margin.
In the Race i used my 9,5 SC Race with my Isonic 131 together with my new boom, the Tecnlomits Contact. The all Kit was just perfect flying over every single gust."

1- Antoine Albeau FRA-192
2- Alberto Menegatti ITA-4
3- Steve Allen
4- Finian Maynard

Flens Surf Cup: ich bin ein windsurfer

The Flens Surf Cup 2010 in Westerland on Sylt will be the final event of the German Championships, held from July 21st to 25th.

Like all events of the national German series "Deutscher Windsurf Cup" the regatta is open for competitors from foreign countries. You are not only allowed to participate but very welcome!

The Flens Surf Cup 2010 is by far the biggest national windsurfing event in Germany. You can expect over 100.000 spectators over the five days of the competition.

It is full on holiday season and Sylt is crowded with countless tourists who are ready to watch the windsurfers and to party.

The regatta on Sylt features the three disciplines Racing (Formula Windsurfing), Slalom (IFCA) and Wave-Freestyle (IFCA). It is up to you if you specialize on only one discipline or if you decide to participate in two or even all of them. Come to Sylt to challenge the national German windsurfing elite in its home waters!

But Sylt is not only great competition on the water. The Flens Surf Cup offers a fascinating program on the beach and on the promenade.

The parties in the evenings and during the night are insane. So be ready for a memorable experience!

PWA Costa Teguise: the green team

The wind whistled through the event site from first light on the final day of competition in Las Cucharas bay allowing the final heats from the single elimination to be completed bang on schedule.

Both the men’s and women’s winner’s finals went by without a glitch, but the loser’s finals proved slightly more difficult as the wind became increasingly gusty throughout the day, and often shut off completely at crucial moments, finally halting the proceedings for the men.

After a few hours back onshore the wind returned, allowing the men to conclude their single elimination, and get going with the double. Unfortunately, the wind continued to play up forcing the competition to a close before the double could be finished.



In an action packed single elimination final, the 2009 freestyle world champion Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo (Fanatic, North) met the kono king, Kiri Thode (Starboard, Gaastra). Both sailors pulled off an array of technical trickery, including the most stylish culos, burners, matadors, and konos the crowds had seen all week. On the beach it looked like Thode had out styled Estredo, but the world champion’s moves were bigger and more technical, with an awesomely executed one handed regular chachoo being the final nail in Thode’s coffin.


The women’s final was without doubt the most impressive display ever seen in PWA competition to date. Yoli Freites De Brendt (Fanatic, North) put together an excellent mixture of moves including flakas, spock 540s, and forward loops. However, it wasn’t quite enough to take on two times freestyle world champion, Sarah-Quita Offringa (Starboard, Vandal) who threw down a fistful of tricks with an abundance of style to claim yet another victory.



1st Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo (Fanatic, North)
2nd Kiri Thode (Starboard, Gaastra)
3rd Tonky Frans (F2, Gaastra)
4th Philip Soltysiak (Starboard, Dakine)


1st Sarah-Quita Offringa (Starboard, Vandal)
2nd Yolanda Freites De Brendt (Fanatic, North)
3rd Laure Treboux (Fanatic, North)
4th Junko Nagoshi (Tabou, Simmer, Dakine)