New Zealand Wave Nationals: La Franchie family gave no chance

The 2010 New Zealand Windsurfing Wave Nationals final was a family affair with team La Franchie reaching the top two positions.

Chris dominated the final, as he dominated the rest of the competition. He consistently landed aerials off the outside peak and was laying in the most radical turns. These were vertical bottoms turns flowing at full speed onto the other rail and gauging 270° back into the white water.

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IFCA ProKids Worlds: young, but pro windsurfers

Race Committee and competitors had become accustomed to the calm mornings, the wind flirting with them until lunchtime - but what a finish to a fantastic championship!

Another two rounds completed today made a total of 9 for the girls championship. 18 year old Alice Arutkin stamped her authority over the girls with two more bullets - three discards led to a perfect score of 4.2. Olivia Piana managed to beat Alice twice during the week but otherwise had to settle for second, and Marie Airault was third.

Round 5 for the juniors brought a second discard into play but the top three positions remained unchanged. Christian Justesen from Denmark won today's round and finishes with a perfect score. French Thibault Bernard has consistently scored second to take home the silver, Jon-Hendrik Frey from Germany is third.

But what drama in the Youth Fleet! Another round, another discard, has shaken up the rankings enabling Pole Maciek Rutkowski to leap from yesterday's sixth position to today's Champion!

French William Alikiagalelei has missed the Championship title by just point three! Benoit Jacquier sitting in second place yesterday has been knocked off the podium by winner of today's round Benjamin Remy. Both have equal points but Benjamin has better discards so takes third overall.

Italian Marco Begalli, winner of today's round, secured his position at the top of the masters leaderboard, but Pierre Moretti from France nudged Austrian Markus Poltenstein out of second down to third place in this championship.

A special mention for our other young champions:

Junior Girls: Emilie Lallement from France
Pro Kid under 15 years: Amado Vrieswijk from Bonaire
Pro Kid under 13: Camille Bouyer from France

Hyeres Windsurfing are to be congratulated on managing a great event despite the quite challenging conditions.

Midwest Speed Quest: hey, this is a speed challenge, not a freestyle one

This is the 6th year of the Midwest Speed Quest. This event is designed for sailors of all skill levels, from beginners to the top racers.

This Event is about Participation. We want Racers from ages 6 to 96! No matter your skill level, we will be there to get you started Speed Sailing right!

As always, this event is free!!! There are no fees or charges. You may enter as many times as you like all season long. We want you to participate as often as you can.

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