Rio Formula World Festival: do not forget your hats

The 2010 Rio Formula World Festival will be held from Monday 11th October to Sunday 17th October 2010. The event will be based in Praia Seca, located in Araruama city, Rio de Janeiro - Southeast Brazil.

Wind, warm water and a stunning location, make this a "not to be missed" event!

The event incorporates the World Championships for Formula Windsurfing Youth, Formula Windsurfing Master and Formula Experience. The Festival also includes an international event for the other divisions in both Formula Windsurfing and Formula Experience classes. All age groups and abilities will be catered for.

The Championships will be organised by the Upwind Windsurf Club in co-operation with the Confederacao Brasileira de Vela e Motor (CBVM), Federacao Estadual de Vela e Motor (FEVERJ) and Associacao Brasileira de Windsurf (ABWS); and is sponsored by Governo do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, and Prefeitura Municipal de Araruama.

Windsurfing Week: this is a very funny sport, indeed

The World Windsurfing Week is an international initiative that will run between 1st-9th May.

The idea is to bring as much people on board as possible during one week, the World Windsurfing Week andto motivate new windsurfers to come on board!

Windsurfing is not only a specific kind of sport but it also represents a certain lifestyle. Essential characteristics of the surfer lifestyle are the aspects of freedom and independence.

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PWA Podersdorf: here we go again

From April 30th through to May 5th the world’s best freestylers will congregate on the shores of Austria’s Neusiedler See to show off all of the latest sail spinning and board sliding trickery in front of the huge crowds, world media, and of course the international judging panel.

We’ve heard via the grapevine that the current PWA freestyle world champion of Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo (Fanatic, North) has been putting in the hours on the water this winter and is firing on all cylinders. Hailing from the so-called ‘freestyle capital of the world’, a.k.a Margarita, Venezuela, he’s a born and bred styler, and also a serious contender having claimed the overall world title on numerous occasions now.

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