Pierre Mortefon: first in one thousand windsurfers

It has been a very emotional day today. With the victory of a young windsurfer with a very promising future, and a single round ran only opened to the top 50, the Défi Wind is closing down under 1000 applauses.

The competitors are won over by those fabulous four days. The Défi Wind saw the consecration of Pierre Mortefon right under the nose of the best windsurfers.

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Bieuzy Mauffret: running wild

This Saturday, May 15 will remain in the annals of the Défi Wind. The incredible North Wind flow which has blown for several days already decided to increase in intensity, with gusts of 50 knots on the course today. Withdrawals, falls and breakdowns of equipment have been witnessed!

After two legs ran, Pierre Mortefon is slightly ahead Anders Bringdal at the general ranking. The neck and neck between the two windusrfers carries on.

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Jessica Watson: brave sailor

16-year-old sailor Jessica Watson has successfully finished her 23,000 nautical mile adventure around the world.

The brave Australian teenager spent 210 days out in the sea and consumed 32 cans of spam, 64 cans of tuna, 32 cans of pineapple, 576 chocolate bars and 290 freeze dried ready meals her yacht.

She is now the youngest person ever to sail solo and unassisted around the world.

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