Boujmaa Guillol: air time

On March 31st, some of the PWA's finest strapped ShadowBoxes to their boards and hit Hookipa to find out once and for all who could jump the highest.

Levi Siver (DaKine, MFC) stomped an enormous back loop measuring 52 feet 7 inches, and Boujmaa Guillol (Starboard, Severne, MFC) soared 62 feet over the famous reef break during a straight air.

The ShadowBox is a new GPS unit that attaches to your board so you can analyze your speed, distance covered, heights during jumps, and much, much more.

Not only did the guys have the GPS units strapped to them, they also had GoPro cameras mounted to their booms, and cameras on the beach so that you guys at home could experience the adrenaline pumping action too. Check out the video the video.

BSA Master Blaster: sunny windsurfing in Tenby

Easter Saturday saw a gathering of windsurfers at South Beach, Tenby for the first ever BSA slalom event. Competitors travelled from far and wide, with some arriving early to take in Ant Baker’s clinic on Friday and others blasting across overnight after the Round Hayling event.

Moderate winds greeted the forty or so competitors and it was decided to run a master blaster, which turned out to be a Master Disaster for most, with the tide becoming stronger than the wind, making it impossible for all but the leading riders to make the mark. Alan “Twinkle Toes” Jackson wobbled his way to victory in far from perfect conditions.

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2010 Curacao Challenge: freestylers of the Caribbean

After 5 days of competition, months of preparation by the organization and the volunteers, the 2010 edition of the Curacao Challenge is over. We had some tough weather conditions making for some tough decisions throughout the week. But one thought remains on everybody’s minds: it was great.

The event proved again successful with hundreds of spectators on the beaches, thousands worldwide on the Internet, a hundred competitors from all over the world, local & international press and excited sponsors.

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