Evi Tsape: frightening injury

After sailing in plenty of frustrating conditions throughout the winter, top women's wave sailor, Evi Tsape (F2, North), headed out in the Corinthian Gulf on 6th March to enjoy a good day of North Westerly wind. However, after less than an hour on the water she was in hospital.

She hasn't told us exactly how it happened, but what we do know is that she ended up with a C2 spinal fracture, which is more commonly known as a 'hangman's fracture' due to it replicating the cracks which occur if you get hanged with a rope!

Not only was she lucky enough to get back in, but she also tells us that due to her good physical shape, there was no damage to her spinal cord, and all things going well, she should make a full recovery.

Tsape is out of hospital now and lying at home, trying to stay as still as possible. For her full story, log on to her website.

Alison Shreeve: another windsurfing title

What an incredible weekend it was. Going into the last day of racing there was a three way tussle for first spot overall, with a fourth sailor close enough to pounce in the event anyone made a mistake.

The situation…

Brett Morris (AUS8) was in the box seat. First or second spot, beat Steve or one spot behind Sean, or no racing at all would see him crowned the Series champion.
Steven Floyd (AUS222) needed to beat Brett and come no lower then one position behind Sean to win.
Sean O’Brien (AUS120) needed to beat Brett and Steve by more then one spot and not finish lower then 5th to win the series

The forecast was for increasing NE’ers in the afternoon. The race organising committee had decided that there would be no race starts after 4.30pm to allow time to pack everything up and prepare for the annual prize giving party.

All day long we sat waiting for the wind. Those of us who were there on the Thursday and Friday had seen the wind fill in at 4pm both days and figured it would be a repeat performance on Sat.

Things started to look better and better, with some people hitting the water and trying to convince the RO’s that it was windy enough to sail. At 2.55pm the AP came down and everyone rigged in preparation for racing. An hour later and it was all on, a beautiful 12kt Northeaster, a little gusty, but with good flat water.

Race one
Brett had a poor start and struggled to work his way through the fleet.
Steven had a good start and slotted into third spot
Sean found himself in a position that he is not used to – second spot.
and streaking out in front was the inimitable Sam Parker, on his shiny new JP Formula board, NP RSR II and VMG fin. Sam showed everyone the way around the course and took the victory. (Sam – is that a big enough plug for you???? Remember this when I need gear next )

Race 2
Sean tore the clew out of his modified Point 7 sail (borrowed from one of his main rivals) and could not race the last race. With no drops for the heat it was all over for him.
Steven found himself in second spot again, with Brett close behind.
but once again there was Sam Parker in the lead and doing it easily.

In the FE+ fleet we saw Ben Turner continue his domination to record the victories he needed to claim the season title outright.

With only two races completed in the allocated time, it was Sam Parker the Heat victor, Steven Floyd second. The crowd on the beach went absolutely wild. Brenda, Kay, Ev, Nerida, Sweetie, Rachael, Tam, Bel and of course Nicole ran around popping champagne corks and expressing their delight at the end of another season and the safe return of the warriors from battle (OK – I don’t really know what the reaction was but I expect this is pretty close to the truth).

Saturday night was the annual prizegiving function and a beautiful meal was enjoyed by all, and the prizes were distributed.

Series Winners were:
Overall: 1 – Steven Floyd, 2 – Brett Morris, 3 – Byron McIllveen
Grand Master: 1 – Rick Murray, 2 – Wayne Bowness, 3 – Bruce Healey
Ladies: 1 – Allison Shreeve, 2 – Krystal Weir, 3 – Jessica Crisp
Youth: 1 – Mitch Stephenson, 2 – Ben Morrell, 3 – Luke Baillie
FE+: 1 – Ben Turner, 2 – Barry Fawkes, 3 – Mick Saunders

Formula Windsurfing: windsurfers chasing the finish line

A near perfect score today - 3 first and 1 second - propelled Antoine Albeau (FRA192) to the top of the score board.

Clear skies over the lake this morning was a good sign that steady and reliable thermic winds would follow after midday.

Overnight leader Steve Allen (AUS0) will not be so happy, although he was never out of the top 10 in todays races.

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