Wind Brasil 2009 has grown and now includes two Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix events. Ilhabela has been added to the world tour and precedes the tour finale in Fortaleza, in Ceara State.

Ilhabela, or Beautiful Island, on Ilha de Sao Sebastiao in the state of Sao Paulo, (see the interactive map from Expedia) certainly lives up to its name.  About 85% of the island's almost 350,000 square miles is within Ilhabela State Park, with further development not allowed. Most of the development is on the west coast facing the mainland, and the island's economy is based on tourism.

Fortaleza, meaning "fortress", is the state capital of Ceara.  Located in north-eastern Brasil, it can boast to have 25 km of urban beaches. The warm climate, warm ocean waters and sandy beaches, abundant and varied nightlife, ensures its status as a mecca for tourists. More importantly it is windy!
Sao Paulo FW Grand Prix - 21st-25th October

Fortaleza FW Grand Prix - 25th-29th November

If you are planning to stay in Brasil between events check out the calendar on ABWS  -

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Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy

The Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy (WPNSA) is gearing up for the Dakine Weymouth Speed Week which commences on Saturday, 10th October.  With over 100 competitors the WPNSA team are set for a busy week.

The objective of Dakine Weymouth Speed Week is for competitors to sail as fast as they can over the 500m course and beat the world record, which stands at a current absolute speed of 51.36 knots l’Hydroptère, the French foiling trimaran in September 2009.

An interesting array of sailors from all over the globe will be competing at the event including Nick Dempsy, local windsurfer and Bronze Medallist, whose record breaking attempts will be closely watched.  The 2008 Dakine Weymouth Speed Week saw Anders Bringdal set a new harbour record by achieving a speed of 38.48 knots, a record which Anders will return to defend.

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Naish Wave Masters

We waited over a year for the conditions that prevailed on Saturday, October 3rd, 2009. Big waves and 3-40 knot wind made for an epic day out on the water for the 37 competitors.

The first heat (4 people in a heat) began at 11:15am. The strong gusts of wind created a challenge for landing jumps. Throughout the day, the competitors get more used to these extreme conditions and the heats continue to get more spectacular!

The semi-finals were phenomenal with competitors pulling out huge backloops, table forwards, pushloops, high jumps and overall great wave riding.

The finals proved difficult with the winds picking up and blowing even stronger and the competitors obviously tired from the elimination series. But the finalists fought hard to deliver the winners at the end of the day!

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