Team USA Windsurfing

A junior race camp in the warm waters of Florida’s Central Coast, at a time when windsurfing gear elsewhere in the country is encased in five inches of ice – brilliant!

For the second year in a row, top junior racers from across the U.S. and Canada headed to the Banana River Resort in Cocoa Beach – just south of NASA’s Cape Canaveral - to cure their post-Christmas blues. You know, the letdown that comes with realizing yet again that Santa doesn’t windsurf.

National coaches Karen Marriott, Dominique Vallee and Britt Viehman rounded us up for four days of intense physical training and on-the-water practice on Techno 293 and RS:X - the rigs used in international competition.

Every day started with a jog on the beach. I realize this doesn’t sound too bad: a jog on the beach, watching the sun rise over the Atlantic, in December, dude, where do I sign up? But it was still cold, 40F or so, and you had to do push ups in the surf if you fell behind.

Well, not really, but there was the threat of doing push ups in the surf if you fell behind, and that threat was enough to make many of us fall behind. Actually, mostly me. You know what, let’s talk about sailing!

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Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup

In September 2010, the waves and wind of the northern part of Denmark will welcome the best international windsurfers at the first Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. A unique event, which is part of the most prestigious windsurfing world cup series worldwide.

The Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup will be staged in the northern part of Jutland 13 to 19 September 2010 and it is all about the “wave performance” discipline in windsurfing.

The Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup embraces the best 48 wave sailing windsurfers in the world, who will no doubt do their utmost to achieve the important world cup points and qualify for the prize of 30,000 Euro.

The Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup is meant to be an annual event in the village of Klitmøller,- the capitol of Cold Hawaii.

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Aviemore Challenge Trophy

The first Aviemore Challenge Trophy event held at Lake Aviemore, South Island from 1-3 Jan 2010 was dubbed a great event by all those who took part as well as the organisers and their team.

In all 19 windsurfers entered, slightly less than expected, but for a first event all were happy. Everyone took home a cool tee shirt as well as a dental pack, there were trophies to keep for each of the main classes, a very special silver plate as the main Challenge Trophy and lots of spot prizes too.

The social side of the event which is primarily organised around a lovely traditional camping/sailing spot was helped by sponsorship beer which added that special bonus to 'after sailing' stories.

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