iPhone Wind Meter

Windsurfers and kiteboarders have another reason to be lucky.

Now the iPhone has a very interesting application to measure wind - an iAnemometer.

This wind meter works for both 3G and 3GS and has been on top 20 of iTunes' Weather Applications for six months.

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Boracay Windsurfing

Boracay Windsurfing have just announced that the Boracay Funboard Cup will once again be returning to the island to celebrate its 21st year after a break during 2009.

The Funboard Cup is one of the regions most prestigious and long established windsurfing competition events, which during the past few years has also seen the introduction of kiteboarding events as the sport established and grew on the island.

This year the Funboard Cup and the KTA are also pleased to also announce collaboration over the kiteboard section of the event. Alongside the feature Boracay Big Air Challenge all of the other kiteboard disciplines will be run under the KTA event rules making the riders results eligible for national level ranking points with the IKA under the KTA’s sanction.

Depending on the prevailing conditions during the Funboard these disciplines could be drawn from either Freestyle, course racing or speed. KTA head judge Stephan Hertig is currently working with the Funboard team to finalise all the competition formats.

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Klass Voget

Klaas Voget G-4 has joined the International Simmer Style team.

Klaas was born in Aurich, Northern Germany and began to windsurf in 1992. Over his career he has balanced top results with inspiring explorative travel to almost all the corners of the earth.

He can adapt to any environment and always goes out no matter how big, scary or cold it is. When it comes down to it Voget is one of those guys that just loves to windsurf, and he does so at the top level.

Klaas’s sail of choice is the Icon and it seems only natural that he chooses Icon to cover his need for a versatile and powerful sail that will adapt to all the environments an elite travelling professional, such as Simmer’s Klaas Voget, encounters.

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