Chris Pressler

From the 29.10.2009 until the 1.11.2009 the Hallowind 2009 event took place at Jadrija Beach. Jadrija is located on a penisula 5 km south of Vodice on the Jadranska Magistrale highway towards Sibenik and offers great conditions for windsurfing.

The forecast for the days of the contest was not looking great, but in the end there could be 10 rounds of Slalom and 2 rounds of Formula finished. The event was the final event of the Croatian Windsurfing Cup and Supercup.

Slalom competition

On the first day the organizer scheduled a Formula race in the late afternnon, but it got cancelled after one round, because the wind completely stopped with the sunset.

A cold dry northern wind picked up on the second day with gusts more than 25 knots. A lot of white caps got pushed through the channel of Jadrija and Vodice. 10 downwind slalom rounds were finished on this second day. It was a fight between the Austrian Chris Pressler, Stojan Vidakovic from Slovenia and Vladan Desnica from Croatia. All were quite consistent and had excellent starts but in the end Pressler was the most consistent, could win 3 races and won by a clear marging with 7 points. The Slovenian Vidakovic was meant to be on second position after the 10 races, but a course mistake brought him bad points and he fell back on the 4th position.

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A windless day welcomed the competitors at day one of the Speed Europeans in Dungarvan, Ireland.

After the mandatory skippersmeeting the competition was put on hold to see if the conditions improve, but it became clear quite fast that there wasn't anything to be expected for the day.

In expectation of the good conditions forecasted for the next three days the competitors were released early.

Skippersmeeting will be at 0900 tomorrow, with the low tide at 1300 this gives a window of 6 hours for speedsailing along the sandbank.

Taranaki Wave Classic 2009

Another year and another Taranaki Wave Classic! This year’s event showcased the best conditions Taranaki can offer, with an insanely epic, mast high, down-the-line, Pungarehu extravaganza!

The warm-up for TWC09 began early on the Friday with a convoy of eager beaver Wellingtonians (led by Chris Brown) leaving our nation’s capital at 5 am. By 9 am they were at the holy grail of NZ wavesailing: Pungarehu.

With the tide coming in the hordes hit the water and by 11 am there were around 15 – 20 sailors catching the mast high sets consistently rolling in to the beach. The wind picked up throughout the morning and by midday it was blowing 5.0 and small board weather. Perfect!

With solid surf and sailors ready to test themselves there was always going to be some carnage. A few sails came back to the beach in pieces (including two in consecutive waves from the New Caledonian brothers—who also must have made the longest trip to get here out of all the competitors. We saw some great wipeouts and a steady stream of sailors making their way back up from ‘Crushers’—a long slow walk.

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