The 8th Annual Marianas Windsurfing Cup will set sail on Nov. 7 and 8 in the waters off Hyatt Regency Saipan in Garapan.

Made possible through the efforts of Windsurfing Saipan, Inc. and the Marianas Visitors Authority, the competition will pit hometown enthusiasts against competitors from Guam, Japan, and beyond.

This year's event will also be featured in HI-WIND magazine of Japan, the most widely read publication for windsurfing and active sports enthusiasts in Japan. The monthly publication also promotes destinations with ideal windsurfing conditions.

“As part of our mandate to promote the Northern Marianas to the traveling public, our sponsorship of this event helps our destination stand out as a premier sports paradise to potential visitors,” said MVA managing director Perry Tenorio. “In particular, the large readership audience provided by HI-WIND magazine offers an opportunity to publicize our islands' marine sports activities.”

The competition will be held from 10am to 5pm daily off the white sand beach of Hyatt Regency Saipan, located in the heart of Saipan's tourist district.

The annual Marianas Windsurfing Cup consists of three categories-the Men's Open, Men's Masters (over 50 years old), and the Women's Open.

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Golden Gate bridge

A male windsurfer was found dead near the Golden Gate bridge, in San Francisco, USA.

The man has not been identified and was drifting in open ocean, 2,5 miles east from the bridge.

This area is very popular with windsurfers, but it is also known for its strong and tricky currents.

The body was recovered by the US Coast Guard and the windsurfer was pronounced dead by paramedics at the Coast Guard's Golden Gate Station.

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European Speed Sailing Championships

The European Speed Sailing Championships will take place from November 1 to 7 in Dungarvan Co. Waterford. Some of the World’s top Speed Sailors will be in competing at the event where championship Speed Sailing will take place each day of the weeklong event.

Aside from the sporting activities a number of celebration events are also open to the public. The social side of the championships will see a live DJ perform each day and the championship opening party at The Seannachai Bar on November 1 and closing party at The Quays on Saturday November 7 are not to be missed.

Some of the World’s top Speed Sailors will be in attendance at the event and the opportunity to sail with the best will be on offer through Kite Schools Puremagic, Kiteskool and LSD Boarding. Windsurf Schools Surf Dock, Wind and Wave and BigSurf will be on hand to help beginners get to grips with the sport.

A combination of Water sports will be available from Dunmore East Adventure Centre. A number of the world’s top equipment producers will also be at the event demonstrating their latest equipment.

According to speed sailor and event organiser Martin Waldron it is a highly entertaining spectator sport, “Speed Sailing is really an amazing sport to watch we are inviting the people of the South East to come along and witness some of the massive speeds achievable by some of the world’s fastest men and women in the sport.”

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