Wave Jam

Last weekend saw us heading to St Ives Bay in Cornwall for Wavejam 5. The official meeting point was the Bluff, but it looked too offshore. Gwithian was huge but dead cross-shore and a bit messy. So we headed to Mexico's where we were greeted with solid waves over mast high, breaking fully top to bottom onto a shallow sand bar. Thankfully the wind was blowing strong enough to power us out through the gnarly stuff and get some sick rides back in.

Standouts for the Day were Andy King, Steve Thorp, Kit Brogan, Rich Potter (British wave champion), Jan Sleigh, Nick Moffatt and Dan Linton all picking off some huge set waves, with Andy being voted top rider for the day for his huge airs and Goiters. The sailors judged each other and the scores were extremely close at the top.



The Marrawah 2009 Australian Wave Sailing Titles will occur between the 3rd and 8th of February 2009.

The location for the competition will be the Marrawah coastal area between Arthur River and South Preminghana (southern side only).

The concept of this event follows on from 2008 - freedom and radical expression. This concept is tied into the wave sailing at the edge of the world theme.

The event is unique in that it has 20 wave sailing spots in about 10 km of coast. This means the event can be mobile in order to make the most of the daily conditions.

Karin Jaggi

With many years of experience in the windsurfing industry, Swiss born Karin Jaggi will be a true asset to the Severne team.

Her plans for the up-coming 2009 season are to defend her Slalom World title, compete in as many PWA Wave events as possible and, if her schedule allows, defend her current Speed Sailing World Record of 41.25 knots.

"I am super happy to be on Severne Sails. I plan to spend lots of time in Western Australia and this will allow me to be very close to testing and development of the sails. At the same time I can tune them in some of the worlds best sailing locations. Now I have everything in one spot and it is really only up to me to make the best of it. Most of the other Severne Team members spend the whole summer in Western Australia and this is another big plus for me - it's a lot more fun and so much easier to figure things out together. I've known Ben for 10 years and followed the progression of Severne Sails since the beginning. I am really looking forward to be on his sail designs!"