2009 PWA Turkey in Alaçati

Alaçati, on the Cesme peninsula, opposite the Greek island of Chios and on the same latitude as Athens, is a perfect windsurfing spot on Turkey's Aegean shores. Until recently, Alaçati was a sleepy little village populated by fishermen, craftsmen and farmers; now they share it with many enthusiastic windsurfers.

The combination of consistent winds and a very safe, 500m by 400m shallow section with completely flat water makes Alaçati an extremely attractive destination for windsurfing beginners, intermediates, speedsters and freestylers.

The competition

Alaçati is the penultimate round of the tough and varied PWA slalom tour. Following on from ruthless Canaries leg, Turkey offers contrasting racing conditions, with perfect flat water and gentle winds. Top speeds, starting skills and consistency will prove to be the key ingredients for the 2009 champion.

Antoine Albeau (JP/NeilPryde) has to be the favourite. His consistent performance throughout the year has seen him win 4 out 5 events. However with the world title already in his hands, the real battle is going on right behind him. With only a handful of points separating the top 5, we are in for a treat next week as the elite fight it out for the remaining podium positions.

Leading the charge are Finian Maynard (RRD/NeilPryde) and Ross Williams (Tabou/Gaastra). Ross started the season with an impressive win in Austria, followed by a 2nd place in round three, Costa Brava. Finian meanwhile got off to a slower start but finds himself in a great position after a string of consistent results, topped off with a 2nd place in Fuerteventura.

At the moment they have equal points, but Finian is ahead on the tiebreak and will hope to further his advantage in Turkey.

One small step behind are the likes of Kevin Pritchard (Starboard/Gaastra/Dakine), Micah Buzianis (JP/NeilPryde) and Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Starboard/Severne). All highly experienced racers and all within easy reach of the podium spots. Dunkerbeck was last years winner here in Turkey so must be a champion candidate heading into the penultimate contest of the year.

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World Windsurfing Day set to August 16th

On August 16th, 2009 the World is invited to share the magic of windsurfing with their friends and family. A concept that has been started by the innovators at Starboard; ‘World Windsurfing Day is designed to introduce new blood to the sport.

This year, the programme is intended to be a small-scale event. The concept is based on the fact that most windsurfers in the world are introduced to the sport by their family, and without that critical first introduction many people would not have started.

We lat Starboard’s Brand Manager Tiesda You explain:

TY “More than 80% of active windsurfers today are windsurfing because their dad or a friend taught them. Growing windsurfing is as simple as that. So on the 16th of August, we’d like to invite the hundreds of thousands of windsurfers the world over to introduce windsurfing to friends and family. It’s simple virus theory: one cell becomes two, two becomes four, four becomes eight, and so on. It really is up to us to introduce windsurfing to those around us, and this is what WWD is all about”

“Windsurfers the world over are invited to head down the beach and introduce a friend or two to windsurfing. Your best mate, your girlfriend, your son, your daughter, your grandpa or your pet – share windsurfing with them on WWD 2009.”

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Windsurfing Estonia

The event called Aloha Surf Aegna Marathon will kick off on the 8th of august on Pirita beach, Tallinn. There will be 2 possible distances: long and short. The marathon distance covers about 25 km. Competition is organized for all windsurfing fans and not just for Pro's.

Aegna Marathon is a legendary competition. In 2009 it will be organized for the 21st time, the tradition started in 1988. Last year there were over 100 participants and this year organizers are hoping the number will even raise. The maximum number of participants has been almost 300.

Organizers are welcoming all fans to attend. The participation number changes due to the wind conditions. Not every surf fan is ready to test themselves with the low winds as below 2m/s, like it was happeining in year 2008.

Registration for the competition will start on Saturday morning at 9.00 o'clock and will stop at 11 sharp. The competition will start at 12.00. There are no limits or regulations for the gear #8211; everybody can pick their boards and sails as they see it best.

The results will be differentiated between the boards: until 120L, over 120L, centreboards & formula. There will be a lottery between all the participants and the prize is 1 week usage of Toyota Avensis.

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