Ricardo 'Bimba' Santos 

The last day wake up with low winds ranging from many directions. At 11:30 the race committee postponed and only restart procedures at 13:00 with the first Medal Race (Division A) scheduled for 13:30 pm

Needless to say, the tension between sailors were great, but the climate of friendship and fair play remained intact.

The first Medal Race was completed in 25 minutes and crowned with both titles, South American and Open A Division, the sailor who was the most complete throughout the championship, not even winning a single race throughout the series, but smartly dosed his results. Ricardo Winnick Santos "Bimba" (BRA 1) with a second place in the Medal Race, won all. Ivan Pastor (ESP 7) won the Medal Race with Lukasz Grodzicki (POL 738) in third and Shahar Zubari (ISR 11) in fourth.

Here lies a speech with a very special recognition to the work of our dear Bimba. He, who in the past, had already been unjustly accused of not having enough emotional control in hard moments, starts 2009 with a title loaded with tactical skill, self control, lots of technique and speed. A victory of the great champion he is.

In the Open championship the final order is (BRA 1), (ESP 7) and (ISR 11).

At the South American A division championship, Albert de Carvalho (BRA 73) was second with the experienced Mariano Reutemann (ARG 8) in third.
Please recognize that the boy made in Buzios, Albert, who besides being the best result of Bimba's social project is very dear by all who know him.
Marina Alabau (ESP 5) won the Medal Race of B division with Flavia Tartaglini (ITA 46) in second and Blanca Manchon (ESP 1) in third and in the same order defined the Open championship.

The South American title of division B went to Demita Vega De Lille (MEX 5) followed by Patricia Freitas (BRA 818) in second and Florencia Gutierrez (ARG 1) in third.

Renato Amaral (BRA 179), also belonging to Bimba's social project, won the Youth South American championship, with the good Argentineans Julian Lopez Becker (ARG 15) in second and Agustín De Trápaga (ARG 10) in third.

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Tomahawk Foils

At this year’s RYA Volvo Dinghy Show, Weymouth-based Tomahawk Foils will unveil its Tomahawk foil, the surface running, ventilated hydrofoil it has invented and patented for both sailing and powered water craft.

The foil has been fitted to a windsurfer on display in the Palm Court and can also be seen on the Ovington Boats’ concept dinghy on Stand C88.

The foil’s inventor, Jonathan Howes explains the concept: “It’s a totally new type of hydrofoil that solves many of the problems inherent in conventional foil designs.

The ventilated design has features that give a wide operating speed range without moving parts and exceptional tolerance to rough water, making the windsurfer simpler, more versatile and easier to sail”

The concept uses subtle upper-surface shaping to provide progressive changes in lift force with increasing speed in a similar way to an aircraft’s wing flaps but without any moving parts.

This means that the windsurfer lifts on to the foils at a very low speed but automatically corrects for higher speeds, giving smooth performance throughout the speed range.

Ventilated surface running allows the foil to move in and out of waves with minimal impact on foiling performance and gives speed potential without sudden changes in handling due to uncontrolled ventilation or cavitation.

Not only does it fully exploit the concept’s forgiving characteristics, but a windsurfer fitted with the hydrofoil still behaves like a normal windsurfer.

The design has been tested, developed and refined by well-known, Weymouth sailor and dinghy manufacturer, Linton Jenkins.

He says: “The Tomahawk foil makes windsurfing enjoyable, fast, and refreshing. I’ve never had such fun windsurfing!”

West Kirby GPS Windsurfing Battle

A cold but sunny day saw many of our fastest sailors converge on West Kirby to do battle on the GPS speed ladder.

Fastest of the day was again Farrell Oshea on his new Moo with a maximum speed of 45 knots and a 42.2 knot 5 times 10 second average.

Closely followed by Steve Thorp in 2nd and Howie Rowson 3rd.

Conditions were slightly too light and tight for really quick times but everyone had a great time blasting down the wall for the first time in over 4 months.

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