FW World Championships 2008 

The first day of the event started yesterday with the applicantions and equipment registrations. Guido Verlaeckt from Belgium, the ISAF [International Sailing Federation] Official Measurer, did his verification job on boards and sails and, as it could be easily expected, everything complied with the standards required by the Class. The registrations’ formalization went on through this morning, as the extended number of participants - 100 sailors – forced the staff to make an extra effort.

The Portimão Formula Windsurfing World Championships 2008 gathers in Portugal, from September the 8th untill the 14th, the elite of the world windsurfing. In this ISAF [International Sailing Federation] event, we’re counting on the presence of the most relevant sailors of the five Continents, in order to award the best of them the titles of World Champions in the Men and Women divisions.

According to the schedule, at 11:00 a.m. Claudio Alessandrello - Director of the 2008 Portimão Formula Windsurfing World Championships – has started the skippers meeting before the presence of all the sailors, who waited patiently for the forecasted wind. A first possible start was immediately settled to 04:00 p.m., as long as the weather forecast would come true.

In effect, at that time, a slight Atlantic breeze came in Alvor, allowing the setup of the regatta field with the same format as the Olympic triangle, adapted to the requirements of the Class and prepared for the two races to be disputed in the Women Division.

The first race was won by Marta Hlavaty [POL 1] from Poland who, nevertheless, had to fight fiercely against Allison Shreeve [AUS 911] – the Australian, current World Champion, who finished in second - and Olga Maslivets UKR 9 from Ukraine, in 5th. However, the Women Division showed a lot of surprises and turned out to be hotly contested, as in the 2nd race Marta won once again, closely followed by Allison and Olga.

This Championships promise lot of surprises as well in the Men Division! With only one race disputed, a lot of the new world windsurfing stars started to show their best performances in a limitless competition, fighting for the title.


Boujmaa Guilloul 

Morocco’s Boujmaa Guilloul (Starboard, Severne) has taken the reigns of windsurfing’s new era of combination moves, with the creation of another brand new move, The Black Shot. After mastering the Seadi-invented push-forward, the Moroccan saw the opportunity to invent his own combo move. The Black Shot links a Crazy Pete with a switch stance forward loop. The result is something quite breath taking.

Boujmaa: “I remember the first time i landed a Crazy Pete, i thought it might be possible to make a combo by linking in a forward, but i never had the courage to go for it, and never tried it really. But lately I’ve seen so many freestylers that constantly invent new moves, so i realized it was still possible to do freestyle in the air, and that there was potential to come up with something new. I still have more ideas to come, i just need to step up and overcome my fear.”

For those aspiring to attempt a Black Shot, Boujmaa claims, “it’s an easy move. I think people who are not scared of heights can do it really easily. The only secret is to not let go and not think too much, it's easier than doubles and push forwards.”

Watch it here.


Channel Cross 2008

British Champion windsurfer Guy Cribb and the world’s fastest windsurfer and current World Champion Antoine Albeau of France, are about to attempt to windsurf across the English Channel from Cherbourg to Poole; over 70 nautical miles (more than 130 kms) of rough seas, some of the busiest shipping lanes in the world and howling winds, to raise money for the Ellen MacArthur Trust and their French counterpart A Chacun Son Cap.
The Ellen MacArthur Trust aims to support, empower and enliven children suffering from cancer, leukaemia or other serious illnesses by introducing them to the joys of sailing.
By donating to the Ellen MacArthur Trust through supporting Guy and Antoine to windsurf where no other windsurfers have tried before, you will give confidence and happiness back to children who’ve been stuck in hospitals for months or years, by enabling them to mix with other children who’ve recovered or are trying to recover from cancer, and feel the camaraderie and bravery of each other whilst sailing or possibly windsurfing.
Guy and Antoine will windsurf the channel in a storm this September, keep checking www.guycribb.com for updates in the next few weeks, and wish them luck by making a financial pledge to the Ellen MacArthur Trust at the following link www.justgiving.com/windsurf