Philip Köster: a push loop into heaven | Photo: Cold Hawaii

Philip Köster has delivered a flawless wave windsurfing performance to steal the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2015, in Klitmoller, Denmark.

The howling winds of the North Sea crowned a new king. And he comes from Germany. Philip Köster secured his second victory of the year against an in-form Victor Fernandez.

The double elimination final saw Köster landing a superb double forward (9.5 points) in the early minutes. The Spanish answered with an another incredible double forward (8.5 points), but he was not able to get a quality second wave.

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Philip Soltysiak: Canada's windsurfing star | Photo: Carter/PWA

Philip Soltysiak has been considered "Male Windsurfer of the Year" 2015 by the Association of Wind and Water Sports Industries (AWSI).

The Canadian windsurfer has had a busy year. He competed in the PWA World Tour, won the US Freestyle Windsurfing Championships, and placed in the top five at a couple of events on the American Windsurfing Tour.

"I'm really stoked to be awarded the AWSI Male Windsurfer of the Year. There were a lot of talented riders nominated who's windsurfing skills and style I look up to. I had a great season so far, and I look forward to finishing it even better with a lot of time on the water and competitions in various spots," expressed Soltysiak.

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Windsurfing: is there a future for professional sailors? | Photo: Carter/PWA

What is the public image of windsurfers and windsurfing as a sport? How can the windsurfing industry grow and how can professional sailors get increased salaries?

Windsurfing, as a sport and industry, is in a peculiar situation. The world's most popular windsurf brands are forced to expand their product range to other sports so that they can remain profitable and still be able to sponsor professional sailors.

The small windsurfing industry is definitely not in the same financial dimension as that of golf or tennis. But the issue is not economies of scale or a chronic problem behind water sports. Bodyboarding is feeling it, too.

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