Philip Köster: a 360 for the camera | Photo: Carter/PWA World Tour

Philip Köster and Daida Moreno are the champions of the 2014 Dunkerbeck-Eyewear Siam Park Tenerife PWA World Cup, held at El Médano.

The German windsurfer continued his dominance of El Cabezo to move up to second overall in the world rankings. He may well defend his PWA wave world title.

"I didn't land my double planing, but it was a good one and a solid start to the heat, I also got my best wave of the contest in the super final, so I was super happy. It feels great to win again, and I'm super stoked," says Philip Köster.


Windsurfing mast: sand grains are your worst nightmare

It's one of the worst things that can happen after a long windsurfing session. When the mast gets stuck or blocked by a few grains of sand, you'll know you need to do something before going home.

Many people give up and will keep their giant mast out in the garden. In one piece. Stuck masts can last forever, but they're definitely not portable at all.

Windsurf masts get blocked when they're rigged in the beach, before each windsurfing session. A couple of hours later, when you're tired and surfed out, you've got a problem in your hands. Are you driving with a giant mast on the roof of your car?


Apple iWindsurfer: it didn't had chips or disk drives

In the mid-1980s, and without Steve Jobs in the company, Apple decided to diversify its portfolio of products. A complete windsurfing kit was marketed - with board and sail - but people still preferred computers.

In 1985, an internal battle nearly killed Apple Computer, Inc. Steve Jobs and John Sculley fought for the leadership role, and Jobs was forced to leave the high tech company.

That was when the management team at Apple decided to innovate. The Apple Collection - an odd catalogue of t-shirts, watches, boardshorts, umbrellas, sunglasses, pins, and backpacks - wanted to sell more than just computers. Despite good intentions, it failed.