Red Bull Storm Chase: Dany Bruch likes it higher

Kerry (Ireland), Marrawah (Tasmania), and Cornwall (United Kingdom). The Red Bull Storm Chase 2013/2014 saw the world's best extreme sailors testing the power of Nature.

It has been hailed the ultimate windsurfing challenge. Thomas Traversa, Marcilio Browne, Leon Jamaer, and Dany Bruch fought for the final glory under hurricane-force winds and double mast-high waves.

The final of the Red Bull Storm Chase 2013/2014 was just one third of the journey. After three fat storms, ten sailors, and the entire planet as a stage, there are plenty of images to be shown.


RS:X Windsurfing: an Olympic adventure

All RS:X windsurfers dreaming of competing in Rio 2016 can already check the qualification system for the Olympic Games.

The Olympic Sailing Qualification has been published. The regatta venue is Marina da Glória, and all races will be run inside and outside the Guanabara Bay.

The RS:X division will be comprised of 36 males and 26 female windsurfers. Up to 380 athletes will be competing across 10 events.


Thomas Traversa: challenging Nature in Cornwall

Thomas Traversa has conquered the Red Bull Storm Chase 2014, in Cornwall, England.

The ultimate storm windsurfer challenged gale winds of 70 knots, in cold water and 10-meter waves. Marcilio Browne secured the runner-up spot, with Leon Jamaer in third place and Dany Bruch in fourth position.

The third mission of the Red Bull Storm Chase 2014 broke all limits. The quality and style of the waveriding on display was outstanding, and England's West Country supplied everything needed.